Ultimate Guide on How to Catch an Oily Anchovy in Palia

Where to Catch an Oily Anchovy?

One of the skills that is needed in playing Palia is fishing. Not only can it help you catch and sell fish, it is also a relaxing activity if you just want to chill inside the game. The Bahari Bay is one of the locations that is perfect for catching different kinds of fish, especially on how to catch an “Oily Anchovy”. Each fish has their own kind of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. The value of each fish depends on its rarity. Just click here if you want to know more about the Palia Complete Fish Location Guide.

Bahari Bay River Location

Bahari Bay is located on a different map from the Kilima Village. Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can get to the Bahari Bay River Location, starting from you House Plot:

1. Locate the brown wooden gate

Brown Wooden Gate

Figure 1. Brown Wooden Gate.

This brown wooden gate is located in your house plot. You can easily spot this since it is the only gate that you can use to go out.

2. Find the door of Bahari Bay in your Map

Bahari Bay Door.

Figure 2. Bahari Bay Door.

The Bahari Door is located on the right side of the map outside your house plot. It is near the Whispering Banks.

3. Way to the Door of Bahari Bay

Way to go to the Bahari Bay Door.

Figure 3. Way to go to the Bahari Bay Door.

This is what it will look like when you go outside of the gate from your house plot. You just need to turn left for you to be able to go to the Door of Bahari Bay.

4. Passage Door to Bahari Bay

Gate going to the Bahari Bay.

Figure 4. Gate going to the Bahari Bay.

This is the brown wooden gate that is a passageway going to the Bahari Bay. It is near a white half arc design on top of the rocks.

5. The Bahari Bay Map

The Look of Bahari Bay Map.

Figure 5. The Look of Bahari Bay Map. Just click “M” to see it.

This is the other map inside the game. This is what it looks like when you successfully enter the passageway from the Kilima Village Map.

6. Locate the River in the Bahari Bay

Location of River inside the Bahari Bay Map.

Figure 6. Location of River inside the Bahari Bay Map.

Since there is no exact indication of “Bahari Bay River”, you need to find it in the map. When you drag the map downwards, you will see the extension of the map (See the figure above for reference). There, you will see the long river that is near the Thorny Thicket and Statue Garden. And now you just need to walk towards it.

7. Passageway to the Bahari Bay River

Passageway going to the Bahari Bay River.

Figure 7. Passageway going to the Bahari Bay River.

Since the Bahari Bay Map is big, you might get lost in going to the river. This white castle-like door is the passageway to be able to go to the river. Once you pass this, it will direct you to the other half of the Map.

8. The Bahari Bay River

The Bahari Bay River.

Figure 8. The Bahari Bay River.

This is what “The Bahari Bay River” looks like. You can easily identify it when you see a waterfall. And now you can start catching fish!

Steps on How to Catch an Oily Anchovy!

Catching Fishes is one of the most tricky skills that you need to master in this game. It requires focus points so that the fish will not get away from the fishing rod. One of the common fishes that is found in the Bahari Bay River is the Oily Anchovy. But how are we going to catch this common fish? Let’s find out!

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you brought at least 10 Worms with you. You can use a “Worm” to bait the oily anchovy. If you want to know more about “Worms” and “Glow Worms”, you can just click here: Where to get Useful Worms and Glow Worms in Palia?

Worm in General Store.

Figure 9. Worm in General Store.

The regular earthworm can be acquired by purchasing in the General Store located at the Kilima Village or you can grow it by yourself! The cost of Worm is worth 10 gold and you can sell it for 5 gold.

Worm in Inventory.

Figure 10. Worm in Inventory.

Make sure that the worms are placed in your inventory and you can replace it by your desired number as shown in the figure above. And since the picture shows that the worm is in box number 1, you will place the highlighted box by moving your scroll wheel. And when it is placed in your desired box number, you can just right-click.

Attaching worm to the fishing rod.

Figure 11. Attaching worm to the fishing rod.

This is what it will look like after you right-click it. The figure above shows that it has two different choices, the one is the hook while the other one is the worm. Since you need bait, you just choose the worm on the right side. After you click the worm, it will just automatically hook in your fishing rod. 

Fishing in the deeper part of the River.

Figure 12. Fishing in the deeper part of the River.

And now for the catching part, you just gonna need to throw your fishing rod with bait in the river. Make sure to throw it to the deeper part of the river, because you cannot fish in the shallow part.

Catching a Fish.

Figure 13. Catching a Fish.

This is the tricky part of catching a fish, the indication that the fish took your bait is when there is a green light on the end of your fishing rod. And now you need to hold your left click and follow the fish through your fishing rod so that it will not get away. Be careful always! Because the green line below is the indicator whether you catch the fish or you let it get away. 

Successfully Catch an Oily Anchovy.

Figure 14. Successfully Catch Oily Anchovy.

And now you have successfully catch an Oily Anchovy! Great Job! 

About Fishing

Catching Oily Anchovy is easy to do since it only requires a worm and its rarity is “Common” only. You can also catch it anytime of the day, that is why its value is worth 35 gold only. There are fish that are rare and epic that are really hard to catch. For you to be able to master fishing you need to seek guidance from Einar, the fishing expert.

Einar, the fishing expert.

Figure 15. Einar, the fishing expert.

Einar is usually found near the Fishing Lagoon or in his fishing hut.

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