Complete Subira Arrival Quest Guide

Complete Subira Arrival Quest Guide

Kilima is welcoming a new visitor to its village, Subira! Many preparations are to be made, so here is the Complete Subira Arrival Quest Guide.

Complete Subira Arrival Quest Guide

How to Begin Subira’s, Arrival Story

Subira is a member of The United Order of the Palian Republic, with the title of a Watcher. Their duty is to oversee strange occurrences related to magic and to prevent the use of flow in all the land. Keep in mind that her quest has a time limit, as her quest will disappear in the next major storyline drop. Although the Singularity 6 team states this will be in the far future, it’s best to jump in as soon as you can! Her quests, if missed, however, will still reward you through evergreens. To begin, there are 3 citizenship quests that need to be completed in order (heh) to start her arrival story:

  1. Prove Your Purpose – Eshe will visit your plot to congratulate you for your efforts. The easiest of the 3 citizenship tasks is this one. Simply, level up any skill to level 4. I recommend you focus on foraging or mining, as it is where you are most naturally active. If you want to focus on other skills, however, go ahead!
  2. Prove Your Generosity – the gift of giving is the main objective for this quest! Fulfill 5x villager requests and 5x player requests. For villager requests, click “F” to chat with them and click the gift box with a question mark by their conversation name to see what they want. To give them their request, click on the plain gift box which will lead you to your inventory. Remember to bring your gift with you! Click on the item, and read their words of appreciation!
  3. Prove Your Devotion – this quest has 3 subparts where you will learn how to show your devotion to the past, present, and future. Once you are done with the first 2 quests, however, Eshe might tell you that your quest is already completed.

Fit For A Watcher

You are now an official citizen of Kilima! Return to Eshe where she will talk to you about a visitor coming, a Watcher investigating the re-emergence of humans in the village. Your task is to help Tish create a new furniture set that will be used by Subira in the Kilima Inn.

This quest will require you to level up and obtain a special type of wood called Flow Wood. Once you have them, create Flow Planks with your sawmill to begin creating the 4 main furniture pieces:

  1. Investigator Armchair
  2. Investigator Banner
  3. Investigator Bed
  4. Investigator Desk

You will require some Flow Wood as well as Palium Ore to craft the 4 pieces of furniture.

Tips for the quest:

  1. An event occurs every midnight at Bahari Bay where flow groves randomly spawn, so keep your eyes peeled at the server chat to know where fellow players spot it. Remember to be respectful!
  2. Flow trees radiate a swirling pinkish-purple color and have a specific sound that only it emits.

Return to Tish for the last quest.

Your Order is Served

Now that you’ve made furniture that’ll make Subira feel at home, let’s make her food to keep her stomach company! Tish will lead you to Reth who’ll need your help in creating some of the 3 most extravagant dishes Kilima has to offer: Oysters Akwinduu, Muujin Bahari, and Petit Fives. Each of these dishes will need a star to be worth serving to Subira, so you might need to cook it more than once.

Tips for the quest:

  1. Muujins are the new huntable animal in Palia, which can usually be spotted in Bahari Bay. Can’t find any? They’re probably hiding in trees scattered all over the map, so if you gotta chop some down, go ahead!
  2. It is recommended that you have at least 2x of each of the main cooking stations (oven, stove, mixing station, and chopping station).
  3. Lastly, the Petit Fives will require fruits. I recommend you buy blueberries as they are cheaper. To obtain fruit seeds, you must reach level 10 of gardening before you can purchase the seeds from Badruu. A seed collector will help you accomplish this task faster.

Return to Reth and pat yourself on the back! You’re ready to meet Subira.

How to Meet Subira

Once you’re done with the 3 quests shown above, you will see a cut scene of Subira arriving at Kilima. Return to your housing plot at 6:00 pm to receive a letter from Eshe inviting you to the Watcher’s welcoming party.

You will only have from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am to meet up with Eshe to be able to meet with Subira. Don’t be late!

How to Complete Subira Arrival Quest Guide

Introduce yourself to Subira. Before your meeting, Eshe will remind you to be on your best behavior and have good conversation with her. Subira will ask you for a favor before she calls it a night.

Congratulations! You have accomplished the Complete Subira Arrival Quest Guide! Many new quests lie ahead now that she’s in the village, so remember to visit her in the Inn from time to time. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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