Prove Your Devotion Quest

“Prove Your Devotion” constitutes a multipart quest within the realm of Palia, given by Eshe. As an integral part of your journey to attain Kilima Village citizenship, you are tasked with acquiring insights into Majiri society, culture, and values. Notably, this quest stands as one of the lengthiest in the game. To accomplish this, Eshe guides you toward multiple individuals who will impart knowledge about their ways. Each encounter entails distinct challenges, with varying difficulty levels associated with the tasks presented.

Eshe Appearance in the Game

What is Eshe’s Prove Your Devotion Quest?

Unlike any other “Prove Your” quests from Eshe before, this quest involves immersing yourself in knowledge by exploring the history of Kilima Village. This time, you’ll have the chance to interact with a few villagers who will lead you through tasks meant to expand your insights and understanding. These tasks are intended to provide knowledge before you’re welcomed into the community.

Prove Your Devotion Quest from Eshe

To exhibit your dedication and worth to Kilima Village, you’ll need to understand the village’s past, present, and future through interactions with villagers in the “Prove Your Devotion” quest. We’ve delved into the world of Palia to assist you in comprehending how to complete this quest.

Prove Your Devotion – Learning About the Past

The initial task assigned by Eshe centers around acquiring knowledge from the past. You are tasked to visit Jina, who entrusts you with the mission of exploring a ruin situated in Bahari Bay. These ancient remains are located between Hodari’s house and Pulse Water Plains. Your objective involves interacting with the statue on the left to read its inscription and afterward relaying your newfound comprehension to Jina upon your return.

Statue from the Past between Hodari's House and Pulse Water Plains

Prove Your Devotion – Learning About the Present

After learning the past from Jina, the second quest will start. For this stage, you’ll need to interact with Hassian, who will guide you in understanding the present. This part might prove to be the most challenging, as it involves planting wild tree seeds on your property. The quickest way to acquire these seeds is by cutting down large trees in Bahari Bay. However, if you inadvertently chop down the trees you’ve planted while clearing your land, your tree count will reset to zero. If you want to learn how to obtain these trees, we have a separate guide just for you! Click Here!

Hassian's Quest of Planting 5 Wild Trees

Once you’ve successfully planted the seeds, return to Hassian, who will commend you for understanding the necessity of taking present actions to prepare for the future. He then directs you to Chayne for the final part of the challenges.

Prove Your Devotion – Learning About the Future

Chayne is a man with a strong spiritual conviction that accepting one’s mortality is a necessary step in learning about the future and preparing for it. In this instance, Jesus gives you a candle to bring to the garden of remembrance. There is a stone altar where you may place the candle as soon as you enter the garden, providing a place for meditation. When you’re done, come back to Chayne and share the results of your work.

Learning about the Future at the Remembrance Garden

Upon conversing with Chayne, your next task involves locating Eshe once more. Informing her of your completion of the trials and your understanding of the essence behind “Prove Your Devotion” will lead to the quest’s conclusion. If you’ve already finished the quests “Prove Your Purpose” and “Prove Your Generosity,” she will acknowledge that you’ve successfully passed all the trials. However, if you have yet to complete those quests, you’ll need to visit Eshe again before embarking on the search for a Shepp.


That concludes our comprehensive guide on the step-by-step process for effectively completing Eshe’s “Prove Your Devotion” quest. Recognized as one of the lengthier quests within the game due to its involvement with interacting with fellow villagers, once these tasks are accomplished, Eshe will present you with another quest focused on locating your Shepp.

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