Where to Find Acorn and Samara Tree Seeds in Palia

Do you need Acorn and Samara Tree Seeds in Palia? These seeds are important to keep a supply of wood on your plot.

Planting Trees In Palia

It is time to prove your worth as a Kilima Village resident after adapting to Palian life through gathering resources, mining, building your house, and socializing with the villagers!

Planting trees is one of the initiation quests for Hassian’s Prove Your Devotion Quest to prove that you are worthy as a resident. It is the best way to contribute and help the society. Apart from furniture making, customizing, and gardening, planting trees is also a way to build your dream home and surround your house with nature. To accomplish this, you have to have tree seeds.

How to Find Acorn and Samara Tree Seeds in Palia?

Standard Axe in Palia

You can obtain tree seeds randomly by chopping trees using your axe. It is a rare drop, so you must have perseverance and luck to find one! First, you must upgrade your Makeshift Axe to at least a Standard Axe. You can accomplish this by purchasing Standard Axe Recipe from Ashura’s Foraging Guild Store, which costs 250 Gold. Then, craft it in your Worktable.

Standard Axe Recipe:

  • 1 Makeshift Axe
  • 20 Sapwood Plank
  • 5 Copper Bar

Where to Find Acorn and Samara Tree Seeds in Palia

You can get tree seeds in Palia by:

  • Chopping down trees.
  • Using community request.

Chopping Down Trees

  • You can find Acorn Seeds by Chopping at least a medium-sized Oak Tree.
Chopping down Oak Tree in Palia

Oak Tree Possible Drops:

Oak Tree drops in Palia
  • You can find Samara Tree Seeds by Chopping at least a medium-sized Birch Tree.
Chopping down Birch Tree in Palia

Birch Tree Possible Drops:

Birch Tree drops in Palia

Reminder, not every tree will drop a seed! You have to chop down trees until you get one. Tree drops vary from time to time. So, do not expect the exact drops as in the picture above. To get a higher chance of getting a tree seed, you have to upgrade your Standard Axe to chop down bigger trees. We advise you to start chopping trees around your plot and then around Kilima Village and Bahari Bay!

Using Community Request

Requesting Acorn seed in Palia

You can get Acorn Seeds from other players by requesting it. To request them press O on your keyboard and select the cart icon. Click on the plus sign and find Acorn Seeds in the list to request it.

How to Plant Trees Using Acorn and Samara Tree Seeds in Palia?

Once you have some tree seeds, it is time to plant them! To do this, click the ground after selecting Acorn or Samara seed in your inventory bar. A tree preview will reveal how much room it will require if planted. Then, left-click after you find the spot you want it to be.

Planting trees using Acorn and Samara Tree seeds in Palia

Well done! You can now plant trees around your plot! You now have a supply of wood as well as more shade on your plot. It also gives you a more aesthetically pleasing plot!

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