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Complete Guide to the Axe in Palia

Welcome to the Complete Guide to the Axe in Palia, your one-stop shop for learning all you need to know about the Tool in Palia! You will discover that multiple tools are required to complete different tasks. Let’s take a look at what the Axe has to offer, it’s functions and more!

Complete Guide to the Axe in Palia

The Axe is your best friend for chopping trees! You’ll need to upgrade it if you want to cut down the bigger trees that can be found in Bahari Bay. You will obtain your first Makeshift Axe from Ashura, the Foraging Guild Leader. This Tool in Palia is used to cut down bushes and small, medium, and large trees. Remember, to equip your Axe or any tool of your choice – press and hold the “R” key!


The Skill family that the Axe in Palia belongs to is the Foraging Skill. The main NPC for this Skill is Ashura. Foraging is home to two main activities that level it up:

  • Harvesting natural resources that you find while exploring
  • Using the Axe to chop down trees and collect lumber and wood

Ashura has to be directly spoken to in order to use his Guild shop, compared to other stores that are available through interacting with their Cash Register. This does mean, however, there will be times that Ashura is asleep and you cannot access him! Make sure to keep an eye on the time so you don’t miss him.

Upgrading the Axe

With any Tool in the world of Palia, you can upgrade them! Upgrading a Tool such as the Axe is a fairly simple process. First, every Tier of the Axe requires a certain level in Foraging. Once you reach the required level, you will unlock the recipe for the next Tier in Ashura’s shop. For each upgrade, Upgrading the Axe requires the following:

  • Makeshift Axe – Given for free at the start of the game
  • Standard Axe – Requires Level 3 Foraging
  • Fine Axe – Requires Level 6 Foraging
  • Exquisite Axe – Requires Level 9 Foraging

Each Upgrade of the Axe improves the damage it deals, and also the size of trees you can cut down! Each Axe in Palia needs to be crafted, usually requiring the previous Tier Axe and other materials such as Planks and Copper and higher tiers of those materials.

How to Repair the Axe in Palia

You may have noticed after your first Axe Upgrade that suddenly, there is a circle meter around the Axe icon. This is because all Upgraded Axes have a durability limit! Frequent use of these tools can lead to them breaking. However, we can repair the Axe using a couple of methods!

Creating Repair Kits

Repair Kits work as a sort of currency you can use to repair your Axe in Palia. These Repair Kits are craft-able at your Worktable. You can craft x20 of them per craft for basic resources!

Using the Anvil in Kilima Village

The two main options you have to repair your Axe, are either the use of Gold or the Repair Kits you crafted. Once you have either of those options available to you, head to the Blacksmith in Kilima Village. Inside the Blacksmithing building is an Anvil at the centre. Interact with the Anvil, you will be met with the option to pay with Gold or Repair Kits!

Alternatively, you can buy the Smithing Station from Hodari’s Mining Guild store to place at your home!

Repairing your axe and other tools is super simple. Make sure to take good care of your equipment so you can continue chopping down those larger trees with your Upgraded Axe.

That concludes our Complete Guide on the Axe in Palia. Make sure to keep checking back as the game updates and check out our Community Discord! For more information on Tools, check out our Complete Guide for Tools in Palia! We look forward to seeing you in the world of Palia!


Kelvin The Son of the Forest

Kelvin The Son of the Forest

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