Everything You Need To Know About Delaila

Delaila is both stubborn and generously selfless. She can often be spotted assisting on their farm and participating in crop harvesting. Her devotion to her husband, Badruu, and her sons, Auni and Nai’o is well-known. Delaila also firmly believes that regardless of the challenges faced or the events of the past each day presents a fresh opportunity for everyone.

Delaila's In Game Appearance

Delaila’s Map Location

Delaila can often be found in the village of Kilima, frequently moving between places such as the local inn and the general store, where she purchases the necessary supplies for her family’s farm. Additionally, she spends most of her time helping on their farm, situated on Leafhopper Hills just beside the main village. Delaila spends her night at the Family farm alongside her sons, Auni and Nai’o, and husband, Badruu.

Delaila's Locations on the Map


Her questline is shorter than the others as it focuses on getting resources and doing favors.

  • Lunch Delivery
  • The Cricket Problem
  • Fertile Ground

Friendship and Romance

Friendship points are among the exciting features in Palia, offering players engaging interactions. Villagers can collect these points through two distinct methods. The first entails interacting with characters at least once during each Palian day. With the start of a new Palian day every hour of local time, you have the opportunity to converse with locals hourly and earn points. The second approach involves gifting items to villagers once a day in the real world. Moreover, each villager curates an exclusive weekly wish list containing unique items; fulfilling these wishes will bestow bonus points upon you.

Delaila's Friendship Level

Once these items have been located, they become visible in the weekly wishes section of the friendship user interface. Upon reaching specific friendship tiers with villagers, completing their quests will result in various rewards. This infusion of excitement into the game arises from the uniqueness of these rewards which can only be accessed upon successfully fulfilling the quests provided by the villagers.

Many villagers in Kilima are open to cultivating deeper connections beyond mere friendship once you’ve achieved a specific level of closeness with them. In Kilima, a cherished tradition involves exchanging pins with your special someone as a poignant symbol of affection and devotion. Who knows? With increased time spent together, you might discover romantic sentiments blossoming. Moreover, in Palia, it’s completely normal to have multiple love interests or partners, as such relationships are widely embraced. Just remember, only one pin can be worn at a time! Unfortunately, it is not possible to pursue a romantic relationship with Delaila in the game, as she is already committed to her devoted husband Badruu, and her family.

Delaila and Badruu's Room


That is all we currently know about Delaila. There is little information available about her in the game. Maybe at some point in time she will have more quests as she is the husband of Badruu. Maybe starting her own shop will be a great addition to the game. As the game is still in closed beta, we will keep exploring the world of different villagers in Palia and update this guide in the future.

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