Complete Guide on The Great Human Bake-Off Quest in Palia

Palia has quite a few hidden quests waiting for you to find them. One of these quests is The Great Human Bake-Off Quest. This quest will put your cooking skills to the test. Not sure how to do this quest or where to start it? We will discuss where to start the quests as well as how to complete it.

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Go to Flooded Steps in Bahari Bay

For a mere 25 gold, you can zip from Kilima – Central Stables to Bahari – Central Stables using Fast Travel. Alternatively, you can just take a leisurely stroll to the Flooded Steps in Bahari Bay.

Retrieve the Mysterious Grocery List

At the left edge of the road within Flooded Steps, a mysterious sack bearing the words “A Very Old…Grocery List?” and resting on the ground will catch your eye. Pick it up, and right-click on the item to read its contents. Behold! A quest item has revealed itself!

Acquire Some Sweet Leaf

Before returning to Kilima Village, seize the opportunity to gather a Sweet Leaf from Bahari Bay, eliminating the need for a later return. The Sweet Leaf will be part of the grocery list you just picked up earlier. It can be found in the vicinity where you discovered the mysterious grocery list. This plant showcases green leaves with a hint of orange at its peak.

Sweet Leaf

Journey Back to Kilima Village

Again, you can use the Fast Travel service available at the Bahari Bay – Central Stables to transport you immediately to Kilima Village. This will cost you 25 gold.

Bahari - Central Stables

Open the Note for the Great Human Bake-Off Quest!

Unlock the mysteries held within the note. It will unveil a shopping list and herald the emergence of a new Quest, the Great Human Bake-Off!

Talk to Hekla

Hunt down Hekla within Kilima Village. Chat with her and select the option indicating your discovery of an ancient document. She will enlighten you about the document you’ve picked up – the sacred ingredient list for Human Macarons!


Buy the Ingredients from the General Store

Go to town and head to the General Store. Purchase from the counter the remaining ingredients that you’ve yet to secure.

  • Milk – 60 Gold
  • Flour – 10 Gold
  • Egg – 24 Gold

Bake the Human Macaron

With all the ingredients in hand, it’s time to orchestrate your culinary magic! Return to your abode and head to your Mixing Station. Press ‘F’ to see the Human Macaron ready for crafting on the left side of the screen and press ‘Make’. Move to another Mixing Station to craft the Ground Sweet Leaf required for the Macaron. Once accomplished, return to your original Mixing Station to add the ingredient. Within seconds, your Macaron emerges, prepared and delightful!

Return to Hekla

Now that your Macaron masterpiece is complete, return to Hekla. Chat with her to share the news of your Macaron triumph. This exchange marks the successful conclusion of The Great Human Bake-Off Quest.

Great Human Bake-Off Quest Completed

You’ve officially conquered The Great Human Bake-Off Quest, earning you the title of a master baker within Palia! Without a doubt, the Macarons you’ve fashioned exude sweetness and scrumptiousness.

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