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How to Build the Glider in Palia

Gliding in Palia is a key part of player movement and traversing the biomes of the world. Having a Glider at your disposal makes traveling both easier, and most importantly, more fun – Oh, and it also lets you get to some hard to reach places! Let’s take a look at the ways you can build your very own Glider in Palia!

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To begin building the Glider and gathering your resources, there are a few general requirements that need to be met to unlock different stages of crafting and the Quest for the Glider:

  • Level 2 Furniture Making – Unlocking the ability to buy the Blueprint in the store from Tish to craft a Loom
  • Level 2 Foraging – Unlocking the ability to buy the Blueprint in the store from Ashura to craft a Basic Sawmill
  • Proceeded far enough into the games Quests to reach and complete the quest “Like a Bird

How to Build the Glider in Palia

So you’re likely wondering; “How do I build the Glider in Palia?”. Once the quest “Like a Bird” is available to you, your Gliding adventures are soon to begin! This Quest is given to you fairly early in the game so keep an eye out! The friendly face providing the quest to you will be NajumaNajuma will ask you to gather materials to create a Glider for yourself. So as a result, let’s set off and find what is required!

Crafting Fabric and Leather

To begin crafting and refining your gathered resources out in the world of Palia, you’ll need to reach certain Skill Level milestones to unlock Blueprints and more. For the Glider in Palia, reaching Level 2 in Furniture Making unlocks the Blueprint in Tish’s Store to craft a Loom. We’ll be needing this Loom to refine Cotton into Fabric and Hide into Leather!

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Growing your Cotton is also a simple process. Simply buy the Cotton Seeds from Zeki at the General Store in Kilima Village and plant them in your player-owned plots! This process takes 5 days for the Cotton to become harvestable so keep that in mind.

Crafting Sapwood Planks

Crafting Sapwood Planks follows a similar requirement to Fabric and Leather crafting. You’ll need to reach Level 2 in the Foraging Skill to unlock the Blueprint in Ashura’s Store for the Basic Sawmill. Once you have the Basic Sawmill built, you can begin refining logs of wood into Sapwood Planks! Each Plank takes a minute to make.

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In the world of Palia, trees are abundant – making the ability to gather up a lot of wood a cosy task!

Completing the Glider

Now that you’ve gathered and refined all the materials required, let’s head back to Najuma and create the Glider! Once you’re back at Najuma, interact with them and let them know you have brought the supplies for the Glider.

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You have successfully completed the quest “Like a Bird” and received your very own Glider in Palia!

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The Glider in Palia automatically equips to your character – so do not worry if you can’t seem to find it anywhere at first! The Glider also requires no form of repairing or upgrading and fully functions the moment you obtain it. To use the Glider, jump into the air using the Space Bar, then hit the Space Bar again to deploy the Glider. This action can be done from the ground or mid-fall from a high location! Prepare to see some wonderful visuals.

Alternative Methods

There is another simple way to obtain the materials required to complete the Quest and to get the Glider in Palia. This method revolves around using a lot of Gold to purchase your way to glory! While gathering and refining your resources is a great cheap alternative, it does take a good deal of time to make everything. As a result of this, there is a method where you could, for example, be levelling up another Skill, making some Gold and then spending your way to the Glider! With this method you can buy Fabric and Leather!

The Fabric and Leather are purchasable from the Furniture Store, with the Fabric carrying a fairly hefty early-game price tag. The Sapwood Planks can be purchased from the Blacksmithing Store.

And that’s it! The world is now your oyster with access to your Glider in Palia! We’re very excited to see the launch of Palia and the homes the community builds for themselves. To join our community for the world of Palia, or perhaps other games – join our community Discord and get involved! We look forward to seeing you!


Kelvin The Son of the Forest

Kelvin The Son of the Forest

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