How to Get the Phoenixfire Relleno in Palia

In the vibrant world of culinary wonders, you’ll find the tantalizing dish known as Phoenixfire Relleno in Palia. This rare delicacy is bound to tickle your taste buds with its fiery flavors. If you’re wondering how to prepare this dish and elevate your culinary skills, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on acquiring and crafting Phoenixfire Relleno in Palia.

Phoenixfire Relleno in Palia Complete

What is the Phoenixfire Relleno in Palia

Phoenixfire Relleno in Palia is a rare dish, renowned for its fiery kick, featuring a spicy pepper enveloped in a crispy egg coating and generously stuffed with your choice of meat – one bite, and you’ll either be sweating profusely or rushing to the nearest clinic!

Obtaining the Recipe

Before you can embark on your Phoenixfire Relleno in Palia journey, you need to obtain the recipe. Head over to the Cooking Guild Store, where you can purchase the recipe for 2,000 gold coins. It’s an investment worth making for culinary enthusiasts.

Please note that you must reach at least Level 7 in Cooking to purchase the Phoenixfire Relleno recipe.

Phoenixfire Relleno in Palia in the Cooking Guild Store

Ingredients and Crafting Stations

Now, let’s dive into the culinary process of making Phoenixfire Relleno. Follow these steps carefully to create this spicy masterpiece:

You’ll need the following ingredients:

Ensure you have access to the following crafting stations:

  • Standard Stove
  • Prep Station
  • Mixing Station

Where to Find Ingredients

  • Egg: Eggs are a kitchen staple and can be easily acquired. Visit the General Store, where you can purchase them for a reasonable price of 24 gold.
  • Flour: Flour is another essential ingredient for crafting Phoenixfire Relleno. You can find it at the General Store for a wallet-friendly cost of 10 gold.
  • Red Meat (Any Red Meat will do): The choice of meat is flexible, as any type of Red Meat will suffice. You can obtain it by hunting in the wild or conveniently purchase it from the General Store. Both Sernuk meat and Chapaa meat are available for 26 gold each.
  • Spicy Peppers: Spicy Pepper Seeds can be obtained directly from Zeki’s General Store for a cost of 170 gold. Once you have the seeds, you’ll need to exercise patience, as they take approximately six days to mature into full-grown Spicy Peppers.
  • Spice Sprouts: For Spice Sprouts, you have two options. You can gather them around the scenic Mirror Field or explore west of the Family Farm in Kilima Valley. Alternatively, if you’re short on time or prefer a more straightforward approach, you can purchase them from Zeki’s General Store for a reasonable 30 gold.
  • Cooking Oil: To add that perfect sizzle to your Phoenixfire Relleno, you’ll need Cooking Oil. Head over to the General Store, where you can purchase it for a modest price of 20 gold.
Phoenixfire Relleno in Palia Recipe

Sear-Chef Bundle and Achievements

As you delve into the art of preparing Phoenixfire Relleno in Palia, you’ll discover it’s not just a culinary delight but a valuable tool in your gastronomic repertoire. This dish goes beyond delicious; it’s an essential requirement for conquering the Sear-Chef Bundle at the Temple of Flames. In return for your culinary mastery, you’ll unveil the treasure trove of the Spicy Rice Cakes recipe, elevating your cooking skills to new heights.

Sear-Chef Bundle


1. Can I find the Phoenixfire Relleno recipe anywhere else besides the Cooking Guild Store?

No, the Phoenixfire Relleno recipe is exclusively available at the Cooking Guild Store in Palia.

2. Are there any alternative ingredients I can use for Phoenixfire Relleno in Palia?

The recipe specifies the required ingredients, but variations in quality and type of Red Meat can affect the dish’s attributes.

3. Is Stuffed Tomatoes still available in Palia?

As of now, Stuffed Tomatoes has been replaced by Phoenixfire Relleno in Palia.

4. What other dishes can I create in Palia?

Palia offers a wide range of culinary delights. Explore the Cooking Guild Store to discover more recipes and expand your culinary repertoire.

5. How do I level up my cooking experience in Palia?

To level up your cooking experience, engage in cooking activities and complete cooking-related quests. As you gain experience, you’ll unlock more recipes and opportunities for culinary mastery.

With these guidelines, you’re well on your way to becoming a master chef in Palia. So, go ahead and embrace the heat of Phoenixfire Relleno in your culinary adventures!

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