Revealing the Only Way to Find Cooking Oil in Palia

Where to find Cooking Oil in Palia

One of the common things used in cooking is cooking oil. It is a must especially when you are making a special dish in Palia. Because every food available in Palia can either add XP or Focus Points to the character. You need to improve your Cooking Skills to be able to cook delicious foods in Palia. The only way to find cooking oil in Palia is by purchasing it at the General Store.

Find Cooking Oil in Palia

Guide in Going to the General Store

Since we can only find cooking oil in Palia through the General Store, here is the step-by-step process on how to get there:

1. Locate the brown wooden gate in your house plot.

Brown wooden gate in the house plot

Figure 1. The brown wooden gate in the house plot.

This brown wooden gate is just near your house and will direct you to the map that will direct you to the General Store.

2. Find the Kilima Village on the Map (or just click “M”).

Kilima Village

Figure 2. Kilima Village

If you can see the figure below, it shows the location of the Kilima Village at the center of the Map. In there, you can also see the location of your house plot with the “Home” icon so that it can direct you on how to get to the Kilima Village.

3. Enter the Kilima Village

Entrance of Kilima Village

Figure 3. Entrance of Kilima Village.

When you walk ahead, you will now see the brown wooden arc that symbolizes the entrance of Kilima Village.

4. Finding the General Store

The General Store

Figure 4. The General Store.

Once you find this wooden store that has a “Windmill-like” design on top, you already found the General Store. It is located just straight ahead of the arc entrance of the Kilima Village.

About the General Store

Zeki, the store manager.

Figure 5. Zeki, the store manager.

The General Store is managed by Zeki (as shown in figure 5 below). Zeki is usually found roaming around Kilima Village or inside the General Store. But you can still purchase items even if Zeki is not around.

Purchasing Cooking Oil

When you go inside the General Store, you will immediately see the cash register of the store. Just click “F” and it will display the items available in the General Store.

Items available in the General Store.

Figure 6. Items are available in the General Store.

The figure above shows the different items available including the item that we are looking for, the Cooking Oil. On the lower part of the display tab, you can see the amount of gold that you have.

Cooking Oil in the General Store

Figure 7. Cooking Oil in the General Store.

When we click on cooking oil in the items, there will be a display pop-up indicating the description, costs, and value of the product. It says that it is worth 20 gold when you buy it and it will only be worth half the price, which is 10 gold, when we sell it through the shipping bin. There are also different ways to earn gold. If you want to know more about earning gold, click here!

Purchased successfully

Figure 8. Purchased successfully.

After purchasing the product, there will be a display showing that you have successfully purchased cooking oil and that there was 20 gold deducted from your gold. This is the only way to find cooking oil in Palia.

Use of Cooking Oil

After you find Cooking Oil in Palia, you can now use it. Cooking oil is usually used when cooking fried rice. Many different meals require different ingredients like cooking oil. Every meal has a specific requirement of ingredients for you to be able to finish the desired recipe. If you want a complete guide about cooking, you can just go to Complete Guide to Cooking in Palia. And if you also want to improve your cooking skills you can ask Reth to guide you through the process.

Use of Cooking Oil.

If you’d like to know more about the uses of cooking oil, jump into our complete Palia Food Recipe list! Check out our guides on various resources that are useful for cooking such as Fish, Oily Anchovy, Worms and Glow Worms, and more!

We hope you find this article helpful! If you want to know more about the Palia gameplay just go to Palia Homepage. If you want more updates about the game, join our Discord Community!


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