Where to Find the Mutated Angler in Palia

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Mutated Angler in Palia

Among the numerous species that inhabit the waters of this fantastical realm, the Mutated Angler holds a special place. This fish is found in the caves of Bahari Bay. More specifically in Pavel Mines. This rare fish has fishermen from all over trying to catch it in order to finish the Spooky Bundle.

We will look at how to catch the Mutated Angler in Palia as well as the best time to catch it. We will also explore its role in completing the intriguing Ancient Vault – Spooky Bundle.

How to catch Mutated Angler in Palia

Fishing in Palia is something all Palians love to do. Every cast of the line holds the promise of a hidden treasure, a connection to the unknown. Central to the fishing experience is the fishing rod itself. A well-chosen fishing rod enhances your ability to adapt to different fishing conditions.

Where to Find the Mutated Angler in Palia?

The Mutated Angler is an enigmatic creature that calls the Bahari Bay caves its home. More precisely, you’ll need to explore the Pavel Mines area to increase your chances of encountering this elusive fish. The ponds in these dark and wet caves creates the perfect habitat for this fish.

Pavel Mines

Bait and Catching Strategy

To successfully catch the Mutated Angler in Palia you will need the right bait for it. Worms have proven to be the best bait to catch this fish. Make sure you have collected enough worms before you venture out to try and catch the Mutated Angler. By using worms as bait you increase your chances of catching this fish making it a worthwhile investment.

Bait for Mutated Angler in Palia - Worm

The Mutated Angler’s Significance

Catching the Mutated Angler in Palia is not just rewarding but it also plays a role in the Ancient Vault Spooky Bundle. This bundle requires 2 fish and 2 insects that you will find Spooky. The Mutated Angler and the Void Ray are probably the hardest ones to get making it very rewarding once you do catch them.

Spooky Bundle - Ancient Vault

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can the Mutated Angler be caught using any bait?
No, the Mutated Angler has a preference for worms. Using worms as bait increases your chances of successfully catching this elusive fish.

Do I need to fish at specific times to catch the Mutated Angler?
No, the Mutated Angler can be caught at any time of the day. Its appearances are not limited to specific hours, allowing anglers to try their luck whenever they choose.

Can the Mutated Angler be found anywhere else besides Pavel Mines?
As of now, the Mutated Angler’s habitat is predominantly limited to the fishing spots within the Pavel Mines area.

Is catching the Mutated Angler essential for completing any in-game goals?
Yes, the Mutated Angler holds significance as it’s a necessary component to complete the Ancient Vault – Spooky Bundle, a challenging collection task.

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