Themed Events Coming To Palia! Exciting Prizes And Goodies!

Welcome one and all to a guide on the themed events coming to Palia! With all the intros out of the way, let’s begin!

Themed Events coming to Palia: What do we know?

Palia, like many other games in the market, has come with new updates! Themed Events, mini-games, and more! With unique mechanics, cool rewards, and new items, we can expect a whole bunch of goodies from the themed events coming to Palia.

themed events coming to palia - town

How do we know all about Themed Events on Palia? The developers revealed at least ONE event coming to Palia on their roadmap! Yes! You read that right! There will at least be ONE event coming to the streets of Palia baring a ton of goodies and prizes for everyone to enjoy! What might that be, you ask? Hold onto your seats because it’s time for…

The Chapaa Chase!

As the name suggests, this Themed Event coming to Palia is where players chase around Chapaas and bring them back to their little pens! Sounds fun huh? It is! The event or activity itself is very fitting of the game’s welcoming and cozy nature! Just chasing a bunch of little rascals and having fun while doing it in exchange for tokens to purchase goodies! All you have to do is run after a bunch of little trouble troublemakers and put them back in their little pens! Simple as that! Kind of a throwback to carnivals!

themed events coming to palia - chapaa chase
themed events coming to palia - chapaa chase 2

As of now, there are no confirmations of other games that players could play within the themed events coming to Palia. BUT! Founded on the footage, there are lots more to enjoy! However, based on the given footage of the small sneak peek, there are lots to do and enjoy!

Speculations: Other playable minigames and activities within the game

Based on the image shown in the sneak peek for the Themed events coming to Palia, there seem to be a bunch of interactable objects or elements within the game that players can play with and possibly get different items in return for the tokens they can receive from the mini-games. Items may vary from resources to rarer and harder-to-obtain items. Heck! Players could get ingredients for food that they didn’t think they needed for their final recipe collection, the final piece to their dream couch for their home, and so much more!

Water games?

themed events coming to palia - background

As seen in the image above, as the character runs through the plaza for the runaway Chapaa, some sort of theatrics in the water can be noticed! Something like fireworks or even magic coming to life! This could also mean that players can get to enjoy the fun waters with water-themed activities! Who knows! Even if the information is short to keep the surprise, we’re all looking forward to all the little games we can play and enjoy for rewards!

Possibly another Playable mini game?

Aside from the various events and games to play, there also seems to be an item for a minigame located in the same area as the possible water game and Chapaa Chase. The element looks to be interactable with the signage it has, the spotlight, and even the obvious-looking item on the table itself! What could this be? We can all find out once the event has been launched for everyone!

minigame item

Cardboard Cutouts to play with!

Aside from all the games and prizes players can win at the various challenges, there looks to be a little photo op on the pier where all the games are found. Talk about a nice and fun game fair! With that cardboard stand, players can enjoy the camera feature of the game and take adorable little photos as the creature cut out! As part of the themed events coming to Palia, the creature looks to be some kind of animal found in the game or it could be a fun little Chapaa dressing up! How adorable!

photo cut out

Food Stalls!

Like many game fairs and carnivals, it is a must to have delicious food! In this case, Palia did not miss a beat! As seen in the image below, there looks to be a bunch of food stalls players can choose and buy from with the currency they earn in games. BBQ, fruits, and probably even the fan favorite, Stir Fry! Lots of foods to pick and choose and chow down on in the themed events coming to Palia! What makes it so special?

With the sneak peek of the event, we think that there will potentially be more food recipes coming to the game as some sort of souvenir for the themed event coming to Palia. Perhaps something like a “Carnival Candy Apple” or something exciting! So with that, there are lots to expect with the event itself!

food stalls

Plushies? PLUSHIES!

On the side of the Chapala Chase themed event coming to Palia, there looks to be a bunch of Plushies players who can win from the games. Perhaps some exclusive collectible that once the end of the event, players might find it harder to find elsewhere! Makes it worth all the work and effort to get them!

chapaa plushy rewards

What else can we look forward to?

As games go through the years, players and fans alike lose interest due to repetitiveness, boredom, and nothing new to look forward to. This is why games have battle passes, seasons, and countless rewards! From the looks of it, Palia is heading to do EXACTLY that. What does that mean?

That means Palia will have way more goodies and events to look forward to! Imagine the prizes such as exclusive skins, clothes, or customizable elements to have in the game such as home decorations, peaceable items such as cute little statues, and even a PLUSHY.

THAT’S RIGHT!!! A PLUSHY! With Themed Events coming to Palia, that means, there will be a lot more things to look forward to and events to get through for countless and rare rewards!

game plaza

Themed Events coming to Palia also means that there will be a lot more possibilities and opportunities to be met such as different types of quests, contests, and missions that go with the event of the month or season! In addition, we hopefully might see a lot more than what we were shown in the event itself so stay tuned!

We hope you are as excited as we are for Palia’s new addition and surprises! If you’d like to know more about Palia, feel free to dive into our Palia Homepage where you can find guides all about Palia and its residents, resources, and more! Are you playing Palia already but you need more info on resources and how to get started on your journey? Check out our list of guides to get you situated on your path to Palia!

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