Ultimate Guide on Where to Find Silver Ore in Palia

Are you trying to find Silver Ore? It is uncommon and can only be obtained from copper nodes. It is usually found within the Kilima Map near mountains and high rocks. As you go on to this article, it will show you the step-by-step process of acquiring silver ore in Palia.

Preparing the Tools Needed

The first thing that we need to do is to make sure that we are using the correct tool. Each tool has its functionalities. The tool that we need in finding silver ore in Palia, is a fine axe.

Fine axe.

Figure 1. Fine axe.

You can see all the tools available when you click the “R”. It will also display the kind of tool when you hover your cursor over each tool. The one that has a yellow background is the one that we needed, the fine axe.

The Fine Axe.

Figure 2. The Fine Axe.

This is what a Fine Axe looks like when the character is holding it. Make sure that you have the right tool that you need in finding silver ore in Palia.

Locations Where Silver Ore is found

Silver Ore in Palia has no silver nodes for you to farm for it. You can acquire silver ore only from copper nodes, but it is found inside the Kilima Map, in the mountains, and on high rocks.

 Kilima Map.

Figure 3. Kilima Map.

Here are the usual spots wherein you can find a copper node that may contain a silver ore. The circled spots don’t mean that it is the exact location. You can only acquire silver ore in Palia as an RNG chance when mining copper nodes.

(P.s. RNG is a term for Random Number Generator basically an algorithm used to randomly assign a value in a game.)

Copper ore and Silver ore rock.

Figure 4. Copper ore nodes.

When you see a node like the figure above shows, it’s either you can acquire copper ore only or it may have silver ore inside it. There are no nodes that only contain silver ore in Palia.

Smalle Copper Node.

Figure 5. Small Copper Node.

If you want to acquire a silver ore in Palia instantly, you need first to identify the copper nodes that have a chance of containing it. When you see a small copper node there is a 0% chance that it has a silver ore inside it.

Medium Copper Node.

Figure 6. Medium Copper Node.

A medium copper node has a small chance of containing silver ore.

Tall Copper Node.

Figure 7. Tall Copper Node.

A tall copper node has a higher chance that it will contain a Silver Ore in Palia.

Mining Copper ore and Silver Ore.

Figure 8. Mining Copper Ore and Silver Ore.

When you see the node, go near it and start mining it. The blue line indicates the life of the node you are trying to mine. Just hold the left click until it finishes mining. Take note, always check if your tool needs an upgrade before it’s too late! The yellow line encircling the tool is an indication of its durability. Just click the Complete Guide To The Axe In Palia if you want to know more about the tools used.


Figure 9. Looting.

After mining it, the item contained inside the node will come out. Just press “F” for you to loot it.

Successfully gathered a Silver Ore in Palia.

Figure 10. Successfully gathered a Silver Ore in Palia.

If you successfully gathered a silver ore in Palia, there will be a pop-up message on the bottom right of your screen indicating that there is a silver ore inside the copper node that you mined. And now you have already acquired a Silver Ore in Palia!

What can you do with a Silver Ore in Palia?

Silver Ore worth 18 Gold.

Figure 10. Silver Ore worth 18 Gold.

You can sell Silver Ore in Palia worth 18 gold by putting it in a shipping bin that is located inside your house plot. 

Silver Bar.

Figure 11. Silver Bar.

This silver bar can only be crafted if you have 5 silver ore. Later on we’ll be exploring what a silver bar is for!
But! You can only melt a silver ore into a silver bar if you have the recipe for it. For you to be able to buy the recipe for a silver bar, you need first to level up your mining skill to level 4.

Level 4 Mining Skill.

Figure 12. Level 4 Mining Skill.

If the silver bar is not yet available, it means that you haven’t reached level 4 yet. You need to go to Hodari for him to help you reach level 4.

Going to Hodari! 

Hodari’s shop can be found in Bahari Bay near the Pavel Mines.

Hodari’s Location.

Figure 13. Hodari’s Location.

Hodari is usually seen walking around Bahari Bay and Kilima Village. But his shop only resides in the Bahari Bay Map. Even though his shop is there, you cannot buy from him unless you see him personally. 

Hodari’s Shop.

Figure 14. Hodari’s Shop.

This is the look of his shop in the Bahari Bay Map. As you can see, he is not there. But sometimes you can find him inside his shop.


Figure 15. Hodari.

When you find him there will be two choices, either you build a relationship with him through chatting or you open his store so that you can buy recipes.

Mining Guild Store.

Figure 16. Mining Guild Store.

In his store, you can see all the available recipes including the silver bar that we are looking for! We can buy Silver Bar for 250 gold.

How to turn the Silver Ore into a Silver Bar?

The first thing you need to do is to return home and find your crafting bar material.

Crafting Bars.

Figure 17. Crafting Bars.

This is where we will craft the bars.

Silver Ore.

Figure 18. Silver Ore.

Inside this, a silver bar requires 5 silver ore and you just need to drag the silver ore to the hopper and you can now craft the silver bar! And of course, we need to wait for 3 whole hours for us to able to craft the silver bar.

Silver Bar Finished Product.

Figure 19. Silver Bar Finished Product.

In this figure, it shows the completed jobs on the bottom part of the hopper and we can now see the silver bar after we crafted it for 3 hours.

Silver Bar in Inventory.

Figure 20. Silver Bar in Inventory.

We can now store the silver bar inside our inventory! But what is a silver bar really for?

Use Of Silver Bar

A silver bar is a big use in a certain recipes like the following:

Homestead MirrorA Homestead Mirror.– Sapwood Plank x10
– Glass Pane x2
– Silver Bar x1
Or can be acquired by buying in furniture shop for 1750 gold.
Ore CompassOre Compass.– Silver Bar x1
– Iron Bar x1
– Stone Brick x5
– Requires Mining Level 8
Or can buy in Hodari’s Shop for 2500 gold.

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