Where to Find the Void Ray in Palia

Unveiling the Secrets of Catching the Void Ray in Palia

In the enchanting realm of Palia, an intriguing adventure awaits fishing enthusiasts and treasure seekers alike. Among the treasures to be uncovered, the Void Ray stands out as an epic fish of unparalleled rarity. Known to be an essential component of the Ancient Vault – Spooky Bundle, this mysterious creature presents both a challenge and a reward. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the details of where to find the Void Ray in Palia, uncovering its unique characteristics and providing you with the tips you need to reel in this remarkable fish.

Pavel Mines

Where to Find the Void Ray in Palia?

The Void Ray in Palia is an exceptional catch, a fish shrouded in both allure and enigma. It is a crucial component of the Ancient Vault – Spooky Bundle, a collection of items that promises great rewards to those who manage to assemble it. To catch the Void Ray, you must venture into the depths of Bahari Bay caves, specifically targeting the Pavel Mines area.

Void Ray in Palia Location

Catching the Void Ray

Glow worms are the secret to success when it comes to catching the Void Ray in Palia. These luminous creatures are irresistible to the fish, and using them as bait significantly increases your chances of making a successful catch. Get ready for your fishing expedition by ensuring your fishing rod is equipped with an ample amount of glow worms. This will ensure you’re fully prepared to lure the elusive Void Ray to take the bait on your hook during your fishing escapade.

Glow Worms

Unveiling the Epic Fish

The Void Ray is no ordinary catch. As an Epic fish, it stands out with its distinctive appearance and value. Its vibrant colors and intricate patterns make it a true gem of Palia’s aquatic world.

Void Ray

“Alien and terrifying, some say the Void Ray can enter the Echo realm and feed off smaller echoes it finds. Found in Bahari Bay caves using Glow Worms.”

Exploring the Ancient Vault – Spooky Bundle

The Void Ray plays a pivotal role in completing the Ancient Vault – Spooky Bundle, a collection of rare and eerie artifacts. The quest for this bundle leads adventurers to embark on a journey through the stunning landscapes of Palia, encountering challenges and rewards along the way.

Spooky Bundle

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Is the Void Ray a common fish in Palia?
A: No, the Void Ray is an Epic fish, making it a rare and prized catch among anglers.

Q: Can I use any bait to catch the Void Ray in Palia?
A: No, the Void Ray can only be caught using glow worms as bait due to their alluring nature.

Q: What’s the significance of catching the Void Ray?
A: The Void Ray is essential for completing the Ancient Vault – Spooky Bundle, offering valuable rewards to those who collect all required items.

Q: Are there other notable things in Bahari Bay caves?
A: Yes, Bahari Bay caves host a variety of unique fish species, nodes for precious ore and materials, each adding to the excitement of exploring in this area.

Q: How can I prepare for my Void Ray fishing adventure?
A: Make sure to stock up on glow worms, familiarize yourself with the layout of Pavel Mines, and be patient—it’s a thrilling quest!

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