Advanced Starfield Mining Guide

In the vast expanse of space, resource mining has evolved into a crucial activity. Understanding the ins and outs of Advanced Mining in Starfield becomes important. We will discuss how to use the cutter as well as how to use Outposts to gather resources.


Advanced Starfield Mining Techniques

Mastering the Cutter

The cutter is your trusty companion in the quest for resources across the cosmos. The cutter does not have a limit or durability so you can use it as much as you like. Its multiple functions lets you easily farm resources from the planets you visit.

  1. Approach the Resource: Land on the planet of your choice and locate a resource vein. The veins are often easy to see due to their unique appearance.
  2. Activate the Cutter: Once you’ve landed and identified a resource vein, activate your cutter. The stone will shine blue when the cutter is ready to harvest resources.
  3. Harvest Resources: Carefully use the cutter to extract valuable resources from the vein.

Constructing Outposts for Resource Mining

Mining resource veins is most efficient when you have an outpost in place. Outposts give you a secure base of operations and help quicken the resource extraction process. Here’s how to set up an outpost for resource mining in Starfield:

  1. Survey the Planet: Before constructing an outpost, survey the planet for the most resource-rich areas. The in-game map will display resource locations.
  2. Select a Strategic Location: Choose a strategic location for your outpost. This should be near resource veins to minimize travel time.
  3. Gather Materials: Collect all the mats you need to build your outpost. Make sure you have enough resources to keep your outpost running while you away.
  4. Construct the Outpost: Using your building tools, construct the outpost. Once completed, it will serve as your resource mining hub, complete with storage facilities and machinery.

Identifying Planet Resources

Knowing how resources are spread across a planet is important if you want to mine correctly. There is an in-game tool that helps you see what resource a planet has. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Access the In-Game Map: Open the in-game map while in orbit around a planet.
  2. Resource Display: The map will display the quantity of each resource available on the planet. This information allows you to plan your mining operations effectively.
  3. Scanning for Resources: After landing on the planet, open your scanner. It will help you pinpoint the exact locations of resources. Use the cutter on resource veins shining blue for maximum yield.
Space resources

Resources and Their Planets

Below we have compiled a list of resources and where you can find them. These amounts are estimates and can change over time.

ResourcesPlanets/ Moons
AlkanesGamow ,Kreet, Vectera
AluminiumMercury , Kurtz , Magreth, Andraphon, Akila
AntimonyCruth, Gasparis
ArgonJemison, Vectera, Kreet
BenzeneChawla, Niira, Lapetus
BerylliumMagnar, Andraphon, Hyperia
CaesiumPiazzi VI-c , Dalvik
Carboxylic AcidsEnceladus, Lapetus, Umbriel
ChlorineJemison, Bondar, Gagarin, Earth, Gamow
ChrlorosilanesJemison, Gagarin, Earth, Gamow
CobaltZamka, Voss, Gamow
CopperZamka, Sumati, Niira, Ariel, Titania
DysprosiumVoss, Venus
EuropiumNavacci ,Andraphon, Gryphus
FluorineSumati, Niira, Altair III
GoldAltair III, Oborum I, Kalira
Helium-3Ananke,Curbeam ,Kurtz , Grissom, Zamka, Kreet, Magreth, Andraphon
IlliniumNiira, Procyon III, Wellish
IridiumDanra, Grimsey, Altair I
IronGrissom, Vectera, Kreet, Zamka, Luna, IO
LeadJemison , Bondar, Gagarin, Voss, Earth
LithiumGamow, Luyten’s Rock, Sirius II
MercuryPontem , Earth, Skink
NeodymiumMercury, Hyperia, Gryphus
NeonKreet, Vectera, Procyon III
NickelZamka , Bondar, Voss, Niira
PalladiumMimas, Mithras
PlatinumKapteyn I, Bondar, Altair I
PlutoniumGrimsey, Altair I, Neebas
SilverKreet, Magnar, Vectera
TantalumLuyten’s Rock, Nesoi
TetraflouridesSumati Procyon III, Petria
TitaniumPluto, Titan, Procyon II
TungstenVoss, Bondar, Titan
UraniumZamka, Voss, Danra, Grimsey
VanadiumGrimsey, Voss, Zamka, Zamka
VytiniumDecaran VII-b
WaterJemison, Zamka, Gagarin, Voss, Vectera, Earth
XenonBondar, Sirius II
YtterbiumVolt, Celebrai I

Explore these planets to uncover their hidden treasures and amass wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Remember to follow the advanced starfield mining techniques outlined above for a successful mining operation.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Is there any way to automate the resource mining process?

Advanced automation systems can be installed in outposts for semi-autonomous mining operations.

Are there any risks associated with constructing outposts on hostile planets?

Outposts on hostile planets may require additional defenses to protect against environmental hazards and potential threats.


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