Starfield: Ship Modules and Vendor Locations

Ship Modules: Comprehensive Guide

Ships in Starfield have a lot of modules that make up the ship. Understanding these ship modules will help you build a better ship. Building a ship for your specific purpose will help you explore and defeat the enemies faster.

Starfield - Ship Modules

The Ship Modules

Weapons: Damage Dealers

Starfield - Weapons: Damage Dealers

Weapons are the guardians of your starship, the means by which you assert your dominance in the cosmos. These modules affect enemy ships differently in combat, depending on the damage type used. Energy weapons penetrate shields, while Ballistic weaponry wreaks havoc on hulls, and EM systems disrupt enemy ship electronics. Choose your weapons wisely to adapt to the challenges you’ll face.

Bays: Ship Entrance

Starfield - Bays: Ship Entrance

Bays are equipped with ramps that auto-deploy making it easier to land and exit your ship and to enter and take off again.

Cargo: Ship Inventory

Starfield - Cargo: Ship Inventory

Space is at a premium in the Starfield universe, and Cargo modules are your answer to increasing your ship’s inventory space. The more cargo you can carry, the more profitable and versatile your missions become.

Cockpits: Control Room

Starfield - Cockpits: Control Room

Cockpits serve as the nerve center of your starship. It is where you can check your ship’s status and manage your storage. This is where you spend most of your time when on the ship so you want it to be as comfortable as possible.

Dockers: Connection to Other Ships & Stations

Starfield - Dockers: Connection to Other Ships & Stations

Interstellar travel often involves rendezvousing with other vessels and starstations. Dockers are the modules that make this possible, allowing you to dock with and board other ships or stations for trade, repairs, or other interactions.

Engines: Speed and Acceleration

Starfield - Engines: Speed and Acceleration

Engines are the heart of your starship’s propulsion system. Upgrading them enhances your ship’s speed and acceleration, crucial for both escaping danger and reaching your destinations swiftly.

Fuel Tanks: Extended Space Exploration

Starfield - Fuel Tanks: Extended Space Exploration

Space exploration requires a steady supply of fuel, and Fuel Tanks are where you store Helium-3 for the Grav Drive. The more fuel you can carry, the farther you can travel without needing to refuel, enabling longer and more ambitious journeys.

Gear: Landing Use

Starfield - Gear: Landing Use

Smooth landings on various terrains are made possible by Gear modules. These auto-deploying landing gears make sure that you can touch down safely regardless of the planetary conditions.

Grav Drives: Fast Travel Range Increase

Starfield - Grav Drives: Fast Travel Range Increase

Grav Drives open up the stars to you, allowing your starship to jump to other star systems. Upgrading them extends your jump range allowing you to explore distant corners of the universe and uncover hidden treasures.

Habs: Interior Customization

Starfield - Habs: Interior Customization

Your starship should feel like home to you and your companions. Habs (Habitat Modules) offer interior configurations for personalization. Make your ship a reflection of your personality and needs by customizing its living spaces.

Reactors: Power Management

Starfield - Reactors: Power Management

Every system on your starship relies on power, and Reactors provide it. Properly managing your ship’s power distribution is crucial for the best performance and functionality.

Shields: Ship Defense

Starfield - Shields: Ship Defense

Shields are an important part of your ship while exploring. They help protect your ship from incoming damage protecting you from sudden attacks.

Structural: Exterior Customization

Starfield - Structural: Exterior Customization

Sometimes, it’s not just about functionality; it’s about style. Structural modules allow you to modify your ship’s shape, size, and appearance, ensuring that your starship stands out among the cosmos.

Equipment: Additional Ship Equipment

Starfield - Equipment: Additional Ship Equipment

Beyond the core modules, you can enhance your starship further with specialized equipment like Scan Jammers, which can help you evade unwanted attention or detection when you have Contraband – items that are illegal.

Stats: Know Your Ship

Starfield - Stats: Know Your Ship

Understanding your ship’s stats is essential for successful journeys:

  • BAL (Ballistics): The damage dealt by ballistics.
  • Cargo: The carrying capacity for the ship.
  • Crew Capacity: The number of crew members your vessel can accommodate.
  • Fuel: Governs how far you can travel before needing a refill.
  • Hull: Essentially your ship’s health.
  • Jump Range: How much distance you can travel when using the Grav Drive.
  • LAS (Laser): The damage dealt by laser weaponry.
  • Mass: Indicates how heavy your ship is, affecting speed and mobility.
  • Mobility: Indicates how your ship will control during combat.
  • MSL (Missile): The damage dealt by missile weaponry.
  • Reactor: The amount of energy that can be allocated across your ship.
  • Shield: Indicates how much damage your ship can absorb before taking damage.
  • Shielded Cargo: The amount of smuggled cargo your ship can carry without being detected.
  • Top Speed: How fast your ship can go.

Ship Manufacturers in Starfield

Starfield - Ship Manufacturers in Starfield

In the vast market of starship manufacturers, the following companies have made a name for themselves:

  • Deimos
  • HopeTech
  • Nova Galactic
  • Stroud-Eklund
  • Taiyo Astroneering
  • Amun Dunn
  • Ballistic Solutions Inc.
  • Deep Core
  • Dogstar
  • Horizon Defense
  • Light Scythe
  • Nautilus
  • Panoptes
  • Protectorate Systems
  • Reladyne
  • Sextant Shield Systems
  • Slayton Aerospace
  • Shinigami
  • Xiang
  • Crimson Red Fleet

Ship Module Sellers

Ship Module sellers can be found on multiple planets and stations across the Starfield universe.

Major Ship Module sellers

Starfield - Reputable Ship Module Sellers
HavershawNarion – Deepala – Dalvik – Stroud-Eklund Staryard
Inaya RehmanValo – Polvo – HopeTown – HopeTech
Jasmine DurandKryx – Suvorov – The Key
Lon AndersonPorrima – Porrima III – Red Mile
Nikau HendersonSol – Mars – Deimos – Deimos Staryard
Veronica YoungVolii – Volii Alpha – Neon – Ryujin Tower – Taiyo Astroneering Store

Minor Ship Module sellers:

Starfield - Other Ship Module sellers:
Ship Services TechnicianAlpha Centauri – Gagarin – Gagarin Landing
Ship Services TechnicianAlpha Centauri – Jemison – New Atlantis
Ship Services TechnicianCheyenne – Akila – Akila City
Ship Services TechnicianIxyll – Ixyll II – Eleos Retreat
Ship Services TechnicianNarion – Deepala – The Clinic
Ship Services TechnicianPorrima – Porrima II – Paradiso
Ship Services TechnicianSol – Mars – Cydonia
Ship Services TechnicianSol – Saturn – Titan – New Homestead
Ship Services TechnicianValo – Polvo – HopeTown
Ship Services TechnicianVolii – Volii Alpha – Neon
Ship Services TechnicianWolf – Chthonia – The Den

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What’s the role of ship modules in Starfield?
Ship modules are essential components that determine a starship’s capabilities, from combat effectiveness to cargo capacity and customization options.

Can I upgrade ship modules in Starfield?
Yes, many ship modules are upgradable, allowing you to improve your starship’s performance as you progress in the game.

Are there different types of weapons in Starfield?
Yes, there are various weapon types, including energy weapons, ballistic weapons, and EM weapons, each with unique properties.

How do I choose the right ship modules for my playstyle?
Consider your preferred playstyle, whether it’s combat-focused, exploration-oriented, or trade-centric. Choose modules that align with your goals.

Are ship modules interchangeable in Starfield?
While some modules may be interchangeable, others are more specialized and tailored to specific starship designs.

What are the benefits of customizing the interior and exterior of my starship?
Customization allows you to make your starship truly unique, enhancing both its appearance and functionality to suit your preferences.

Can I mix and match ship modules from different manufacturers?
Yes, you can. In the vast and diverse world of space exploration within Starfield, flexibility and customization are key features for spacecraft owners.

How can I protect my ship from damage in combat?
Invest in shield modules and combat-oriented ship upgrades to bolster your ship’s defenses.

What is the role of Reactors in ship functionality?
Reactors provide power for all ship systems. Proper power management is essential to maintain optimal performance.

Is Starfield a single-player or multiplayer game?
Starfield is primarily a single-player game, Bethesda Game Studios haven’t teased any potential online features.

Starfield - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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