4 Different Types of Boost Pack in Starfield

The Boost Pack in Starfield

Starfield has 4 different types of Boost Packs which can help you with exploring the different planets as well as in combat. We will discuss the 4 types as well as how to use them and how to get them.

The Boost Pack in Starfield

Boost Pack Training Skills

Players can invest in Boost Pack Training skills to enhance their Boost Pack’s performance and efficiency. Note that you need to rank up the Boost Pack Training Skill to be able to use Boost packs. This investment is a game-changer allowing for more enjoyable exploration of the diverse worlds in Starfield while efficiently managing oxygen consumption.

Starfield - Boost Pack Training Skills

Basic Boost Pack

The Basic Boost Pack serves as the foundation for all Boost Packs in Starfield. As the default and standard option, it provides players with a moderate jump ability allowing for agile movement within the game world. One of its key advantages is its consumption of a moderate amount of Boost energy ensuring you can use it without the fear of quickly running out.

Starfield - Basic Boost Pack

Versatile Movements

The Basic Boost Pack is well-suited for various scenarios. It excels in preventing accidental falls ensuring you don’t meet an untimely demise during your exploration. It allows for quick repositioning during combat scenarios granting players a tactical edge in battles.

Starfield - Basic Boost Pack

Balanced Boost Pack

The Balanced Boost Pack is a better Boost Pack to the Basic Boost Pack. It is an upgraded version of the Basic Boost Pack offering a range of advantages.

Starfield - Balanced Boost Pack

Energy Efficiency

While the Balanced Boost Pack doesn’t provide significant vertical lift like some of the other options, it excels in energy efficiency when compared to the Basic pack. This efficiency is a crucial factor, especially in the vast open spaces often encountered in the game.

Starfield - Balanced Boost Pack - Energy Efficiency

Ideal for Open Spaces

Starfield has large open spaces and this is where the Balanced Boost Pack works best. It’s the boost pack for players who need to cover large areas quickly.

Starfield - Balanced Boost Pack - Ideal for Open Spaces

Superior Flight Capabilities

While it lacks features of the Basic pack the Balanced Boost Pack generally offers better flight capabilities.

Starfield - Balanced Boost Pack - Superior Flight Capabilities

Power Boost Pack

If vertical mobility is your priority, the Power Boost Pack is the Boost Pack of choice. It focuses on vertical thrust, allowing players to access areas that would otherwise be unreachable.

Starfield - Power Boost Pack

Vertical Thrust

The Power Boost Pack’s primary function is to provide vertical thrust. This feature is for reaching high places making it easier to explore the games harder to reach places.

Starfield - Power Boost Pack - Vertical Thrust

Combat Advantage

While the Power Boost Pack offers good vertical movement it comes at the cost of energy efficiency. Jumping multiple times can quickly deplete your Boost energy. In combat situations, this Boost Pack provides a significant height advantage granting tactical advantages and making it a valuable asset in battles.

Starfield - Power Boost Pack - Combat Advantage

Skip Boost Pack

The Skip Boost Pack allows you to have quick bursts of movement. While it may not match the vertical reach of the Power Pack it is great in both combat and climbing.

Starfield - Skip Boost Pack

Swift Movement

The Skip Boost Pack is perfect for quickly covering long distances to outflank enemies.

Starfield -  Skip Boost Pack - Swift Movement

Tactical Advantage

Being able to quickly change positions with the Skip Boost Pack can be quite helpful when fighting enemies. This allows you to be able to move in and out quickly of battles making it harder for enemies to know where you are.

Starfield - Skip Boost Pack - Tactical Advantage

Choosing the Right Boost Pack

Depending on where you are going and how you like to play will determine which Boost Pack you will choose. Below is a list of the different Boost Packs:

  • Balanced Boost Pack: Recommended for general use due to its energy efficiency and suitability for traversing open spaces. On low-gravity planets these packs allow you to essentially fly indefinitely.
  • Power Boost Pack: Excellent for vertical mobility but consumes energy rapidly, making it useful in tactical combat. Invaluable for making high-gravity planets more navigable.
  • Skip Boost Pack: Great for quick movements during battle.

Your Boost Pack is there to improve your experience. Choosing a Boost Pack that works with your play style will help you greatly.

Starfield - Choosing the Right Boost Pack

Customization Potential

By using a workbench to upgrade and modify your boost pack even the Basic Pack can be brilliant. This allows players to use any boost pack they want and to upgrade and modify it how they need it.

Starfield - Customization Potential

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I switch between Boost Packs during the game?
Yes, you have the flexibility to switch between Boost Packs at various points in the game to adapt to different situations and playstyles.

How do I upgrade my Boost Pack?
You can upgrade your Boost Pack through in-game modifications and enhancements, improving its performance and capabilities.

Are Boost Packs essential for progressing in Starfield?
While Boost Packs enhance your gameplay experience, they are not essential for progression. You can explore the game without one, but they make it much easier and more enjoyable.

Can I use Boost Packs on all planets?
Boost Packs can be used on most planets, but their effectiveness may vary depending on the planet’s gravity and terrain.

Is there a way to extend the Boost Pack’s energy capacity?
Boost Pack Training skills can enhance energy efficiency, allowing you to use your Boost Pack for longer periods.

Starfield - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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