Oxygen Meter in Starfield: Everything You Need to Know

The Oxygen Meter in Starfield is one of the most important resources in surviving in the game. Oxygen is not just the air you breathe; it’s also your stamina your lifeline in the depths of space. The Oxygen Meter in Starfield functions differently compared to its predecessors.

Oxygen Meter in Starfield: Full Oxygen

Understanding Oxygen in Starfield

Your Oxygen Stat

In Starfield’s character creation screen, players will notice that Oxygen is now a stat they can modify for their character.

Depletion and CO2 Levels

As you sprint in Starfield, your Oxygen Meter depletes gradually. Simultaneously, your CO2 levels (Carbon Dioxide) start to rise, indicated by a red bar filling the opposite side of your oxygen gauge. Managing your Oxygen and CO2 levels is an important part of playing Starfield.

Oxygen Meter in Starfield: Running on O2

The Role of Oxygen

Contrary to what some players might think, the Oxygen that can be seen in the Oxygen Meter in Starfield is not a finite resource tied to a specific planet. Instead, it serves as Starfield’s stamina bar. Your oxygen determines how long you can sprint, even if you manage to sprint beyond your available oxygen.

The Dangers of Carbon Dioxide

Continuing to sprint after depleting your Oxygen Meter in Starfield leads to a buildup of carbon dioxide in your bar, represented by the red portion. Carbon dioxide is deadly, and if your Oxygen Meter fills with it, you’ll start taking damage. Carbon dioxide also dissipates more slowly than your oxygen replenishes resulting in a temporary reduction in your maximum oxygen level. To avoid this take short breaks between sprints to allow your Oxygen Meter to recover fully.

Maximizing Your Oxygen Meter in Starfield

Character Traits

During character creation you can choose traits that increase your oxygen levels. However, these traits often come with negative side effects to balance their effectiveness.

Fitness Skill

For a more flexible approach to boosting your oxygen, consider the Fitness skill. It’s one of the initial Physical skills you can acquire and provides a percentage increase to your maximum oxygen capacity.

Oxygen Meter in Starfield Optimization Techniques

Utilizing the Boost Pack

When exploring planets in Starfield you can adjust your Oxygen Meter usage by using your Boost Pack. While airborne, your character doesn’t consume oxygen and begins to regenerate it. By sprinting and jumping into your Boost Pack, you can stay in the air for longer periods allowing for more significant oxygen regeneration. Be cautious not to carry too much weight as walking while overloaded will still consume oxygen, even without sprinting.

Understanding the O2 and CO2 Meters

O2 Represents Stamina

In Starfield, the O2 gauge in the bottom left of the screen symbolizes your stamina. Sprinting depletes it gradually, and once it’s empty, the red CO2 gauge starts to fill up.

The Consequences of Full CO2

As you monitor your Oxygen Meter in Starfield, you can continue to sprint even as the CO2 gauge fills, but beware—once it reaches capacity, you’ll begin taking damage. Prolonged exposure to high CO2 levels might even lead to Lung Disease, a hazardous condition you should avoid.

Oxygen Meter in Starfield: Lung Damage

Increasing Oxygen Capacity and Stamina

Gear Modifications

Two primary methods exist for expanding your oxygen capacity in Starfield. One involves equipping gear with O2-enhancing mods, which can be done at a spacesuit workbench. Additionally, you may discover equipment in the wild that comes pre-equipped with these mods.

Fitness Skill Advancement

The second method to enhance your Oxygen Meter in Starfield revolves around leveling up the Fitness skill. By investing points in Fitness, you can increase your oxygen capacity by up to 30%. Maxing out this skill will reduce oxygen use during sprinting and melee attacks.

Proper management of your oxygen levels and smart utilization of oxygen-boosting techniques and equipment modifications will ensure your character thrives in the vast and treacherous expanse of this exciting new game.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I run out of oxygen on any planet in Starfield?

No, oxygen is not a limited resource on any planet in Starfield. It serves as your stamina bar, determining how long you can sprint. However, overexertion can lead to dangerous carbon dioxide buildup.

2. What happens if I let my carbon dioxide levels max out?

Allowing your carbon dioxide levels to reach their maximum will result in damage to your character. Prolonged exposure to high CO2 levels may even lead to the development of Lung Disease.

3. How can I increase my oxygen capacity?

You can increase your oxygen capacity by choosing specific character traits during creation, leveling up the Fitness skill, or equipping gear with O2-enhancing mods.

4. Are there any drawbacks to increasing my oxygen capacity with character traits?

Yes, many character traits that increase oxygen capacity come with negative side effects to balance their benefits. Choose them wisely.

5. Is there a limit to how much I can increase my oxygen capacity?

The Fitness skill can boost your oxygen capacity by up to 30%, making it a significant improvement. However, there is a limit to how much you can enhance your stamina in the game.

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