Complete Guide to Mission Boards in Starfield

The Mission Boards in Starfield are a great way to earn bonus rewards and credits. Many players do not seem to know where to find these mission boards though. We will show you where exactly to find them and what kind of missions they will have for you to do.

Mission Boards in Starfield: Mission Board

What are Mission Boards in Starfield?

Starfield has a lot of features with the Mission Boards being one of them. Missions Boards in Starfield allow players to do missions to earn credits and bonus rewards. These are great for newcomers as well as players just wanting to do a bit of exploring.

Exploring the Mission Board

The Mission Boards in Starfield offer a wide range of repeatable quests for you to do to earn credits. These missions often take you on exciting journeys through space. The Mission Board in Starfield quests are not like the main story quests or faction story quests. They are straightforward quests with no story behind them.

Mission Board Locations

Every faction hub and city has a specific spot for Mission Boards in Starfield. You will need to travel to them to accept missions to do. Below are a few places you can find these mission boards.

Mission Board at Alpha Centauri

Constellation Mission Board

Location: The Lodge in New Atlantis

Description: This small computer console in The Lodge’s basement offers exploration-type missions.

United Colonies Vanguard Mission Board

Location: UC Vigilance spaceship

Description: Located in the control room of UC Vigilance, accessible during the Starfield UC Vanguard faction storyline.

Starfield Crimson Fleet Mission Board

Location: Reckoner’s Core of The Key

Description: Found in the space station headquarters of the raiders faction, with terminals around the central cyber-runner chair used by Shinya.

Starfield Freestar Collective Mission Board

Location: The Rock Bar in Akila City

Description: Progresses this faction’s storyline. It’s located on the planet Akila.

As the game evolves each faction is expected to introduce its own Mission Boards in Starfield with unique quests.

Mission Board Quests

Due to the wide variety of missions on the Mission Board in Starfield, every player will find something they enjoy doing. Below is a list of the different types of missions:

  • Bounty: Track down and eliminate a designated target.
  • Cargo: Transport cargo to a specified destination.
  • Passenger: Safely deliver passengers to their destination.
  • Hunt: Clear an area of hostile entities.
  • Smuggling: Undertake clandestine operations to smuggle contraband for the Crimson Fleet.
  • Piracy: Steal cargo from enemy ships on behalf of the Crimson Fleet.
  • Rescue: Liberate hostages from hostile ships as a Freestar Ranger.
  • Sabotage: Disrupt a rival business for the Ryujin faction.
  • Plant: Place incriminating evidence to further the Ryujin’s goals.
  • Hack: Upload malicious programs to cripple the Ryujin’s adversaries.
  • Explore: Locate planets with specific traits, a challenging survey mission.
  • Supply: Deliver essential resources to settlements through outpost cargo links.
  • Survey: Examine and document every characteristic of a given planet.

Depending on which faction’s Mission Board you use will depend on the type of mission you will do. For instance, the Constellation Mission Board focuses on exploration tasks, while the Crimson Fleet’s quests often revolve around piracy.

Mission Board Interface

In-Depth Look at Specific Mission Types


Passenger missions may seem straightforward, but they require attention to your ship’s passenger capacity. Ensure your vessel can accommodate the number of passengers needed for the mission.


Smuggling missions introduce complexity due to Starfield’s contraband system. Storing contraband items in your ship’s cargo, rather than your personal inventory, reduces the risk of being caught during scans. Consider investing in a Shielded Cargo Hold upgrade and Scan Jammer for your ship to increase your chances of success.


Explore missions are among the most challenging, demanding that you scour an entire solar system to find a planet with specific traits. Use the Starmap to examine planet characteristics and, if necessary, land on the planet to explore it thoroughly.


Supply missions are intricate, requiring the Outpost Engineering skill. You’ll need to establish an outpost cargo link and send the specified resource to the target settlement.


Survey missions involve scanning and documenting every aspect of a planet, including its flora and fauna. For planets without life, scanning from orbit can reveal surface-level information. However, planets with life demand on-foot exploration using your scanner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of the Starfield Mission Board?

The Starfield Mission Board provides repeatable radiant quests for players to complete, offering credits and other rewards.

2. How can I access the Mission Board in Starfield?

The Mission Boards are located in faction hub areas and cities. Specific locations vary by faction.

3. What types of missions are available on the Mission Board?

The Mission Board offers a variety of missions, including bounty hunts, cargo transport, passenger transport, smuggling, piracy, and more, depending on the faction.

4. Are Mission Board quests worth the effort?

While the payouts may not be substantial, Mission Board quests provide a reliable source of credits and can help fund various aspects of your Starfield journey.

5. How can I improve my success in smuggling missions?

To increase your chances of success in smuggling missions, store contraband in your ship’s cargo hold, not your personal inventory, and consider upgrading your ship with a Shielded Cargo Hold and Scan Jammer.

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