How to Recruit a Crew Member in Starfield

Starfield ranks among the most expansive games ever crafted, boasting a plethora of systems and features to engage players. Whether managing crew members, constructing bases, or modifying weapons, there’s ample content to keep players occupied for countless hours, assuming they can momentarily detach from the main narrative to enjoy it thoroughly.

Starfield in Game Appearance

Considering Starfield’s emphasis on space exploration, it’s hardly unexpected that ship construction holds a significant role within the game. Yet, acquiring the ideal spacecraft is merely the initial phase, as players must also recruit a crew to ensure its peak operational performance.

What are Companions in Starfield?

Companions in Starfield are people who travel with you across enormous stretches of space and provide depth, variety, and camaraderie to your adventure. These friends serve as your devoted crew mates, traveling with you constantly while you explore the universe. In addition to lending their expertise, they also share personal tales, which helps to create a vital feeling of companionship and connection in the remoteness of space. Click here to find out more about Starfield companions!

Starfield Ship's Crew Members

You can choose to either carry your partner on exploration missions or assign them to your spacecraft. They offer benefits according to their special talents when they are assigned to your ship. One well-known member of the Constellation group, Sarah Morgan, for example, is an aerodynamics specialist. She will give one of your ships an enhanced Grav Jump if you attach her to it. Comparably, adding a Weapons Specialist to your crew guarantees that the weaponry on board your ship will endure longer and deliver more damage. You must make the most of these crew members, so be sure to allocate them to the ships that best suit your needs.

Starfield Sarah Morgan

Where to Find Crew Members in Starfield?

New Atlantis offers one of the prime early opportunities to recruit crew members in Starfield, conveniently located near the ship port where you dock your vessel. This hotspot is none other than a club known as The Viewport. Upon entering, you’ll not only receive a quest called ‘Distilling Confidence’ from the bartender but also have the chance to hire crew members on the spot. As you explore the establishment and converse with patrons, keep an eye out for individuals with titles like ‘Payload Specialist’ or ‘Particle Weapons Specialist.’ While they may not be the most charismatic, they’re undoubtedly efficient at their tasks.

If there are any NPCs with unique names, that’s another thing to watch out for. Whether it’s a mission or an invitation to join your crew, notable NPCs in Starfield frequently have something worthwhile to give. There’s always a chance that you’ll run with someone more interesting than a Particle Weapons Specialist while you’re at a pub looking for possible crew members.

Starfield NPCs Crew Member

How to Hire Crew Members in Starfield?

In Starfield, recruiting a new crew member is a straightforward process: players can approach one of these NPCs and inquire about their hiring terms. Instead of immediately accepting, players should try negotiating, as a successful Persuasion attempt can often lead to a substantial 50% reduction in their requested pay. Consequently, individuals aiming to expand their crew should consider investing in and improving the Persuasion skills within Starfield’s Social skill tree.

Talking with NPCs

Besides the NPCs available in bars and clubs, players also have the chance to hire the Adoring Fan for their ships or outposts. However, this is only feasible if players opt for the ‘Hero Worshiped’ Trait at the game’s outset, and it does come with certain drawbacks. The most significant among these is that the Adoring Fan can be exceptionally vexing, persistently sharing trivial and nonsensical chatter whenever they’re in the player’s vicinity. While a few may find this charming or humorous, most are likely to become annoyed by them fairly quickly.

Inviting the 'Adoring Fan' in Crew

After an NPC agrees to become part of your crew, you can locate them by accessing the ship menu and selecting the Crew option. You can access this by pressing the ‘C’ key on your keyboard. However, the button may vary for controller users. Once there, you have the freedom to assign your crew according to your needs. Even if there’s no available space on your ship or at your outposts, rest assured that your hired crew members will remain accessible in your Crew menu, ready for you to summon and assign whenever necessary.

How Many Crew Members Can You Hire in Starfield?

Players can only have a maximum of three active crew members at first. However, they can increase this restriction to four by learning the Social skill tree’s Ship Command talent. Players can have even more active crew members as they advance through the skill’s higher rankings; ranks 2, 3, and 4 allow for five, six, and eight crew members, respectively. Players must complete ship boarding or demolition missions with the greatest number of active friends to advance the Ship Command talent.


Let’s sum up by saying that Starfield seems to be a big and engaging game that lets players explore the depths of space and bring together a multicultural crew of individuals. Discovering the complexities of ship management and finding crew members in bustling taverns are just two of the game’s many captivating features. Starfield is a must-play game for fans of science fiction and video games in general because it combines customizable gameplay, captivating storytelling, and the excitement of the unknown to entice players to go on an exciting cosmic voyage. Launching into the cosmic adventure that awaits you in Starfield, get set for liftoff and course correction.

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