How to Romance Sarah in Starfield

A Guide to Romance Sarah

In the vast universe of Starfield, a popular RPG game, you have the opportunity to embark on not only epic quests but also romantic adventures. Romancing companions in Starfield can be a rewarding experience, offering gifts, new quests, and XP bonuses. Among the intriguing companions in the game, Sarah Morgan stands out as an ideal choice for those seeking a romantic storyline. This guide will walk you through the steps on how to romance Sarah in Starfield, ensuring that your journey in the game is as fulfilling as possible.

Starfield - A Guide to Romance Sarah

Starfield Romance

Romance in Starfield is more than just a roleplay element; it brings depth to the gameplay. As you build romantic relationships with companions, you’ll reap various benefits, including valuable items, exciting quests, and a significant XP boost to help you level up faster.

Starfield - Starfield Romance

Understanding the Affinity Score

In the Starfield universe, romance is determined by an intricate mechanism known as the Affinity score. To ignite the flames of love with a companion, you must increase their Affinity towards your character. Achieving this involves traveling with them and making decisions that align with their preferences.

Starfield - Understanding the Affinity Score

All of the romanceable companions in Starfield are part of Constellation, a group of generally good-aligned characters. Consequently, they are unlikely to appreciate heinous crimes, such as murder, committed by your character.

Starfield - Constellation

Bringing Sarah Along

To increase your chances of romancing Sarah, start by bringing her along as your main companion. This becomes possible after completing the “The Old Neighborhood” quest early in the game’s main story. When interacting with Sarah in conversations, select options that show your support for her, Constellation, and the mission to find valuable artifacts.

Starfield - Bringing Sarah Along

The Path to Romance Sarah

To successfully romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield, you’ll need to follow a specific path:

1. Complete the “The Old Neighborhood” Main Quest

Before you can start romancing Sarah, you must complete the “The Old Neighborhood” main quest. This quest serves as a prerequisite for initiating a romantic relationship with her.

Starfield - The Old Neighborhood

2. Raise Affinity

Sarah’s heart can be won by being a virtuous character. To increase her Affinity towards you, engage in good deeds, demonstrate unwavering commitment to the Constellation, and avoid unnecessary conflicts. Sarah appreciates responses that praise the work done by Constellation. Displaying curiosity and supporting exploration will also earn you bonus points. Be a peacemaker and resolve conflicts diplomatically; Sarah dislikes underhanded tactics and prefers seeing villains face justice.

Starfield - Raise Affinity

3. Choose [FLIRT] Dialogue Options

Throughout the game, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in conversations with Sarah. Whenever the [FLIRT] dialogue option appears, seize it to express your romantic interest in her.

Starfield - [FLIRT] Dialogue

4. Complete the “In Memoriam” Companion Quest

The crucial moment in Sarah’s romance storyline comes with the “In Memoriam” companion quest. As you progress through this quest and reach its conclusion, you’ll be presented with the [ROMANCE] dialogue option. This is your chance to take your relationship with Sarah to the next level.

Starfield - In Memoriam

Committing [Marrying] to Sarah

1. The Initial Talk

Once you’ve completed the companion quest and reached the pinnacle of affection, it’s time to take your relationship with Sarah to the next level. You will have an initial conversation with her to determine if you both want to commit to each other.

2. The Mission

After the initial talk, you’ll need to wait a few in-game days. During this time, Sarah will approach you with a special mission, a sign that she’s ready to take your relationship to a deeper level.

3. The Romantic Ceremony

Meeting Aja Mamasa

The next step in romancing Sarah involves a journey to Paradiso, where you’ll meet Aja Mamasa. Sarah will accompany you as your active follower throughout this mission.

Sarah’s Emotional Request

Upon arriving at a nearby beach on the surface of Paradiso, Sarah will ask you to look into her eyes and declare your true love for her. This heartfelt moment is crucial to the romance.

Aja Mamasa’s Role

After your emotional declaration, Aja Mamasa, a key character in this romantic journey, will closely examine you and initiate the ceremonial proceedings. Expect an emotionally charged atmosphere during the ceremony, with Sarah showing her deep affection.

The Commitment Gift

As the ceremony concludes, Sarah will present you with a commitment gift, symbolizing your newfound bond. This gift holds sentimental value and signifies your commitment to each other.

Ending the Relationship

1. Considering Other Options

While romancing Sarah is a captivating experience, remember that you have the option to end the relationship or even divorce her if you choose to explore other paths in the game.

2. Initiating the Conversation

To end the relationship, initiate a dialogue with Sarah and look for options related to your relationship or marriage. Choose the appropriate dialogue that leads to the decision to end it all.

3. The Emotional Farewell

Ending a committed relationship will not be easy. Be prepared for emotional dialogues and heartfelt conversations as Sarah reacts to your decision. She will ultimately respect your wishes.

The Consequences of your Choice

Keep in mind that ending the relationship will have consequences. Sarah will be upset and cease to be your active companion for a period. Additionally, you won’t be able to romance the same NPC again in that playthrough.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How do I initiate the romance with Sarah?
To initiate the romance with Sarah, you must complete the “The Old Neighborhood” main quest, raise her Affinity by doing good deeds, choose [FLIRT] dialogue options, and complete the “In Memoriam” companion quest, selecting the [ROMANCE] dialogue option at the end.

Q: What is the Affinity score, and why is it important?
The Affinity score determines your character’s level of closeness with companions. It plays a crucial role in initiating romantic relationships and unlocking companion quests.

Q: Can I romance other companions in Starfield?
Yes, but you can only romance one out of four companions in Starfield, namely Sarah, Barrett, Sam Coe, and Andreja.

Q: Are there any consequences to not following Sarah’s preferences?
Yes, if you fail to align with Sarah’s preferences, it may affect your ability to initiate a romantic relationship with her in the game.

Q: Is romancing Sarah Morgan essential to the main storyline of Starfield?
No, romancing Sarah is not essential to the main storyline, but it adds depth and enjoyment to the game.

Q: Can I complete the “In Memoriam” quest without romancing Sarah?
Yes, you can complete the quest without romancing Sarah [FRIENDSHIP], but choosing the [ROMANCE] option offers a unique storyline and rewards.

Q: Can I end the relationship with Sarah after committing to her?
Yes, you have the option to end the relationship with Sarah. To do this, initiate a conversation with her and choose the dialogue option related to ending the relationship.

Q: What are the consequences of ending the relationship with Sarah?
Ending the relationship will lead to emotional dialogues, and Sarah will stop being your active companion for a period. Moreover, you won’t be able to romance the same NPC again in that playthrough.

Q: Can I continue romancing other NPCs after ending the relationship with Sarah?
Yes, you can explore other romantic options in the game after ending your relationship with Sarah.

Q: How long does it take to reach the highest level of affection with Sarah?
The time it takes to reach the highest level of affection with Sarah varies depending on your interactions and choices in the game. It may take several hours, days and even weeks.

Romancing Sarah in Starfield is an exciting adventure that adds a layer of depth and emotion to the game. By following the steps outlined in this guide and aligning with Sarah’s preferences, you can embark on a memorable journey through the cosmos together. So, get ready to explore the universe, build your Affinity, and experience the magic of romance in Starfield!

Starfield - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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