How and Where to Mod your Weapons in Starfield

Mod your Weapons in Starfield

Want to know how and where to mod your weapons in Starfield? This guide will explain everything you need to know!

Starfield’s weapon modification system is very similar to Bethesda’s previous titles, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, so if you are familiar with the system you will most likely find the modification system similar.

Starfield is a space exploration game with combat against unknown alien creatures, pirates, and rival factions. Be prepared to defend yourself in these situations.

Despite each weapon in Starfield being fully functional whether you pick it up while exploring the wonders of Starfield, adding mods can greatly increase their potency in almost every circumstance. The best add-ons aren’t available until users choose to put a lot of time and energy into them, thus modification does have a price.

Where to Mod your Weapons in Starfield – Location

Players must locate a weapon workbench which can be found throughout Starfield. These workbenches are usually situated in each planet’s gun store and armories. However, I can help you discover a way to access the weapon workbench earlier in your gameplay.

  1. Open the System tab by Pressing letter “M” as default on PC.
  2. Head to the Alpha Centauri Star.
  3. Once you are in the Alpha Centauri System head to Jemison planet.
  4. Fast travel to the “The Lodge” by navigating over it and by pressing “X”.

5. After landing on Jemison planet, and fast traveling into the Lodge, head inside and the first door on your right will lead to the basement.

6. As you navigate the basement you’ll come across a weapon workbench on your right. It’s easy to spot so you won’t have trouble locating it. Use the workbench to modify your weapons in Starfield and maximize their power.

Weapon Workbench

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How to Mod Your Weapons in Starfield

When you interact with a Weapon Workbench, the modification screen appears and displays all of the player’s accessible firearms.

Weapon workbench Inventory

When one of them is chosen, both the “Craftable” mod pieces and all of the weapon parts that can be modified are displayed.

Weapon workbench: Mod slots

Click on any of the options on the screen, then press the matching “Install” button on the right side to install a weapon mod.

Installing guide

Tracking Resources

Players may keep track of resource costs so that they can easily locate them while exploring. They will be displayed in the upper right corner of the crafting interface. A blue magnifying glass symbol will appear next to each resource’s name that is being tracked.

Resources required

I hope this guide will help you mod your weapons in Starfield allowing you to annihilate everyone who gets in your way and further explore the mysteries of Starfield and what is waiting for us.

Others – Research Laboratory

Research Laboratory

A significant number of weaponry modifications are restricted to ongoing research. Players must visit any Research Station and invest the necessary resources as specified in the Weapons Projects list to unlock them.

Be aware that complex weapon projects necessitate adding more points to the Science tree’s Weapon Engineering skills. To access the advanced tiers of the skill, players not only need to have sufficient skill points, but they additionally required to make enough weapon mods. Since this is not retroactive, you should only create mods after improving your Weapons Engineering skill to avoid wasting valuable resources.

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