Where are the Infinite Storage in Starfield

Your Ultimate Guide to Infinite Storage in Starfield

Inventory management is an important part of Starfield. As you start exploring and doing quests you will realize how important storage space is for all the resources you will gather. While utilizing ship cargo holds and outposts can be beneficial, they may not always suffice to meet your storage needs.

Your Ultimate Guide to Infinite Storage in Starfield

There are easily accessible containers that provide unlimited storage within the vast universe of Starfield.

One Small Step Quest

To begin your quest for infinite storage in Starfield, do the mission “One Small Step”. This mission serves as the game’s first main quest and will lead you directly to the Lodge in New Atlantis. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some members of Constellation, a crucial organization in the Starfield universe. To start this quest have a conversation with Noel after the initial encounter concludes.

Starfield - One Small Step Mission

Noel’s Tour

Upon speaking with Noel, inquire about accommodations or a place to stay. Your request will prompt her to provide you with a brief tour of the Lodge, unveiling hidden treasures along the way. Your tour will culminate in front of a door leading to the Starfield protagonist’s new room. Within this room lies a safe capable of holding an unlimited number of items, your gateway to infinite storage. Feel free to fill this safe with any items that you don’t require for immediate use.

Starfield - Noel's Tour

The Lodge’s Basement

If you thought the safe was impressive, prepare to be astounded. In addition to the safe, the Lodge’s basement houses two storage boxes, and these storage boxes have no mass limit. Their proximity to an assortment of workbenches makes them even more attractive options than the bedroom safe. Follow these steps to be able to use the storages:

1. Return to the Lodge’s Entrance.

Starfield - Return to the Lodge's Entrance.

2. Pass through the locked door located underneath the stairs.

Starfield - Pass through the locked door located underneath the stairs.

3. Follow the path into the basement.

Starfield - Follow the path into the basement.

4. Traverse the room filled with workbenches.

Storage Box #1

Starfield - Storage Box #1 - Lounge

Storage Box #2

Starfield - Storage Box #2 - Lounge

Storage Box #3

Starfield - Storage Box #3 - Lounge

A Minor Drawback

While the unlimited storage containers in the Lodge are undoubtedly valuable, they do come with one minor drawback. These containers are not linked to workbenches, meaning that players must manually collect the resources they need when crafting in Starfield. In contrast, resources stored in ship cargo holds and outposts are readily available for crafting purposes. To optimize your crafting efficiency, consider moving frequently-used resources to these locations whenever possible.

Starfield - A Minor Drawback

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I access the Lodge and its storage options at any point in the game?
Yes, you can access the Lodge and its storage options once you’ve progressed to the “One Small Step” mission, which is Starfield’s first main quest.

Is there a limit to the number of items I can store in the safe and storage boxes?
No, the safe and storage boxes in the Lodge offer unlimited storage capacity, allowing you to store as many items as you need.

Are the storage containers in the Lodge connected to workbenches for crafting convenience?
Unfortunately, the storage containers in the Lodge are not linked to workbenches. Players need to manually collect resources from these containers for crafting purposes.

Can I access the Lodge’s basement immediately after starting the “One Small Step” mission?
No, you’ll need to progress through the mission and complete certain objectives before gaining access to the Lodge’s basement and its storage options.

What happens if I store items in the Lodge’s storage containers and then leave the Lodge?
Your items will remain in the storage containers when you leave the Lodge, making them accessible whenever you return.

Are there other locations in Starfield with infinite storage options?
Currently, the Lodge in New Atlantis is the primary location known to offer unlimited storage options in the game.

Starfield - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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