Fastest Way to Level Your Piloting Skill in Starfield

A Guide to Easily Level Your Piloting Skill in Starfield

If you are looking for a quick way to level up your piloting skill then the simulator is what you want to find. We will discuss what you need to access the simulator as well as how to level up your piloting skill quickly.

A Guide to Easily Level Your Piloting Skill in Starfield

The Importance of Piloting Skill in Starfield

Before we delve into the fastest leveling method let’s understand why the piloting skill is important in Starfield. As one of the most valuable skills, it gives you access to the best ship modules. These upgrades can greatly improve your gameplay making you really strong.

The Importance of Piloting Skill in Starfield

Unlocking Piloting Skill Safely

To become a better pilot you need to find the United Colonies’ Vanguard Pilot Simulator. The simulator lets you practise fighting and lets you rank up quickly without putting your own ship in danger.

Locating the MAST Building: Head to New Atlantis, Jemison, on your Starfield map. You’ll spot the MAST building, which is conveniently located opposite The Lodge. As a newcomer, you’ll be guided to this area during your early Constellation quest missions.

Starfield - MAST Building
Starfield - Entering the MAST Building

Accessing the Vanguard Pilot Simulator: If you can’t immediately locate the Vanguard Pilot Simulator don’t worry. Simply start pursuing the specific Starfield UC Vanguard faction quests. Completing the initial quests should unlock a range of faction bonuses including access to the Vanguard Pilot Simulator.

Starfield - Accessing the Vanguard Pilot Simulator

Mastering the Vanguard Pilot Simulator

The Piloting Skill in Starfield mainly requires players to eliminate enemy ships in combat to rank up. Follow these steps:

Gameplay: Dive into the Vanguard Pilot Simulator and engage in thrilling space battles. Your goal is to vanquish enemy ships steadily climbing the ranks of the Piloting Skill.

Starfield - Vanguard Pilot Simulator Gameplay

Risk-Free Progress: The beauty of this method lies in its safety. Unlike venturing out into space where you risk your ship and potentially costly repairs the Vanguard Pilot Simulator allows you to advance your skills without jeopardizing your vessel. It’s the perfect training ground to become a master pilot.

Starfield - Risk-Free Progress

Rank-Up Progress: As you defeat enemy ships within the simulator you’ll complete the challenge towards ranking up your Piloting skill. This progress can significantly impact your overall effectiveness in the game.

Starfield - Rank-Up Progress

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I access Vanguard Pilot Simulator without joining the UC?
No, you cannot access the Vanguard Pilot Simulator without joining the UC (United Colonies).

Is the Piloting Skill essential in Starfield?
Absolutely! The Piloting Skill is a key component for unlocking top-tier ship customization options, making it indispensable for any dedicated Starfield player.

How do I find the United Colonies’ Vanguard Pilot Simulator?
Head to the MAST building in New Atlantis, Jemison, and follow the questline for the Starfield UC Vanguard faction. Completing a few initial quests should grant you access to the simulator.

Can I level up my Piloting Skill without risking my ship?
Yes, the Vanguard Pilot Simulator offers a risk-free environment to improve your Piloting Skill, allowing you to progress without the fear of ship damage or loss.

Are there any other benefits to using the Vanguard Pilot Simulator?
Beyond skill improvement, the simulator offers valuable insights into the Starfield lore, particularly the history of Earth in the game.

Do I need any special equipment to access the Vanguard Pilot Simulator?
No special equipment is required. Simply follow the questline and unlock the simulator in the MAST building.

Can I become a top pilot using only the simulator?
While the simulator is an excellent training ground, real-world experience in space battles will also contribute to your proficiency as a Starfield pilot.

Starfield - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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