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Check out the game Starfield, which is captivating players all across the world. Traveling to the furthest regions of space and learning new things about the universe will always be thrilling. Prepare yourself. Awe-inspiring views, intriguing riddles, and challenging diversions await you on your adventure. This guide will cover one of the most anticipated portions of the game, the Starfield ending.

Starfield Horizon

With a multitude of distinct plots, a patchwork of fascinating characters, and a whole galaxy full of mysterious civilizations, Starfield ending seems to be a genuinely remarkable and significant event. This guide might assist you if you’re interested in learning about the several ways that Starfield ending can finish or in comprehending the story decisions that result in the game’s resolution. Put on your spaceship’s seatbelt, start it up, and get ready to explore the exciting Starfield Ending. A journey beneath the stars is waiting for you!

Starfield Story Summary

The Spacefarer comes upon a piece of an enigmatic item while working as a miner, which causes confusing visions and eventually renders him comatose. When they awake, they see Barrett, the mining expedition’s sponsor, and member of Constellation, a group of adventurers tasked with deciphering the meaning of the artifact and assembling its shattered pieces. Next, the Spacefarer travels to the city of New Atlantis, which is home to Constellation’s headquarters, the Lodge. Here, they run across Constellation’s commander, Sarah Morgan, who asks the Spacefarer for help in finding the last of the artifact pieces and unraveling the mystery of the gravity anomalies they cause. A detailed inquiry into the whereabouts of these unrecovered shards is initiated by this plea.

Starfield Mining Artifacts

As the tale unfolds in Starfield, the Spacefarer, and their companions venture across different worlds in their relentless pursuit of additional artifact pieces. Vladimir Sall, a member of Constellation and one of the pivotal characters towards the Starfield ending, aids them by using the Eye space station to identify anomalies scattered across the vast universe. Some of these anomalies are concealed within ancient temples, and upon entering these sacred places, the Spacefarer gains mysterious abilities. Constellation firmly believes that these newfound powers are somehow linked to the missing artifact fragments, compelling them to continue their quest for answers.

Starfield Vladimir Sall Appearance

However, as they approach the Starfield ending, their quest encounters formidable challenges in the form of the enigmatic Starborn, who are also searching for the elusive fragments and possess technology far superior to that of Constellation. Within Constellation, a schism emerges in beliefs: some members speculate that the Starborn may be of extraterrestrial origin, while others argue that they are simply humans with exceptionally advanced technology.

Origin of the Artifacts

The first item ever recovered was subsequently used to build a prototype Grav Drive, which eventually caused Earth to be destroyed, and was discovered during a mission on Mars. The origins of these objects are still a mystery in the Starfield realm. Eventually, though, players learn that assembling all these artifacts amounts to something called The Unity, which is akin to a global treasure map. It becomes evident that these objects are not human. However, Starfield ending purposefully leaves players to wonder and decipher whether they were created by an all-powerful god or a kind of extraterrestrial culture.

Starfield Artifacts

What is The Unity?

In Starfield, the Unity serves as a gateway, allowing individuals to transition into alternate universes. Stepping into the radiant aura of the Unity leads players to a rebirth as a Starborn, awakening in a different universe reminiscent of their original one, yet with subtle distinctions. They preserve their memories from their prior existence but leave behind everything else.

Starfield The Unity

What is a Starborn?

Starborns are those who have crossed through the Unity, experiencing rebirth in different universes. They aim to perpetually repeat this journey, continuously seeking out all the artifacts and returning to the Unity each time they find themselves in a new universe.

Starfield Starborn Appearance

What Happened to Earth in Starfield?

As the secret of The Unity becomes known, it offers a comprehensive explanation for the origins of Starfield’s universe. In the game’s early stages, players learn that Earth has turned into an inhospitable wasteland, a condition initially attributed to natural calamities. However, it is eventually unveiled that The Unity played a pivotal role in Earth’s tragic fate. If you want to learn more about what happened to Earth, Click Here!

Starfield Earth

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The Emissary and The Hunter

In the Starfield Ending, players will come face to face with enigmatic individuals. Among them is the Hunter, driven by an unwavering determination to acquire fragments of The Unity for personal gain. The Hunter relentlessly pursues members of Constellation in their quest for these artifacts. It becomes apparent that the Hunter is an incarnation of Father Aquilus, transformed into a Starborn after traversing The Unity. However, his intentions in this new form are considerably more sinister than the version you initially encounter in your universe.

The Emissary and The Hunter

The second individual is the Emissary, a cryptic character possessing deeper insights into the artifacts compared to others. What makes this revelation particularly significant is one of the game’s most significant twists: the Emissary is, in fact, a member of Constellation from another universe, someone you already have encountered. However, their true identity hinges on the choices they make throughout the game.

Who is the Emissary?

The Emissary is, in fact, a version of the player’s friend who tragically passed away during the pivotal “High Price to Pay” main story mission. In their original universe, it was the player’s character who met their end, and this is why the Emissary has a certain empathy for the player and can be convinced to yield more easily.

Starfield Emissary Appearance

Who is the Hunter?

The Hunter is, in essence, a variant of Father Aquilus, who ventured through the Unity many ages ago. However, the act of repeating this journey multiple times has brought about significant transformations in him. It explains the stark differences between him and the version of Father Aquilus that players meet in New Atlantis.

Starfield Hunter Appearance

Starfield Ending

Different perspectives on what happens when people pass through The Unity are offered by The Hunter and the Emissary. The Hunter is obsessed with its power and will stop at nothing to eliminate everyone who stands in the way of his quest for more copies of The Unity. While the Emissary advocates for a more controlled use of The Unity’s abilities, she hopes to assist more people through it. She takes a more selective approach, trying to figure out who can interact with The Unity and become Starborn. The Starborn, whose philosophical position coincides with the player’s own, can be chosen to support.

Starfield Ending Scene

However, if you find The Hunter or The Emissary not trustworthy at the Starfield ending, you can decline their assistance and go on a solo journey in your quest to unveil the mysteries of the universe independently. Ultimately, players have the option to embrace the role of the Starborn, leading them to embark on a New Game Plus experience. After completing the main storyline, this New Game Plus takes on a completely different significance, courtesy of The Unity’s multiversal capabilities.


At a crucial point in the game, the Starfield ending, players make decisions that affect both the course of the universe and the destiny of their characters. Players have the option to travel solo or unite with characters such as The Hunter or The Emissary, each of which offers a different set of experiences, depending on their choices. The plot gains complexity and interest from the revelation of The Unity’s multiversal powers in the Starfield ending. The Starfield ending, in the end, represents the player’s trip through the mysterious realm of the game, where each decision counts.

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