Where to Sell Stolen Goods in Starfield?

Looking to sell stolen goods in Starfield? Starfield offers a wide variety of places you can sell your stolen goods at. While some players aim to be the heroes of the galaxy, others find a more lucrative yet morally ambiguous path in selling stolen goods. If the idea of profiting from pilfered items intrigues you, this guide will show you how it’s done. Just remember, you didn’t get this information from us.

Sell Stolen Goods in Starfield: Red Marker

Stolen Item Specifics

In Starfield, items of interest typically fall into two categories: contraband and stolen items. Contraband comprises items that are illegal to possess, irrespective of their acquisition method. However, our primary focus here is on personal belongings ripe for the taking, specifically, to sell stolen goods in Starfield. These can be easily identified by a red marker at the bottom of the item description.

Sell Stolen Goods in Starfield: Red Marker 2

Avoiding Trouble

Attempting to sell stolen goods in Starfield at regular stores is very risky. Salespeople are adept at spotting fraud, so the chances of making any money while holding onto your ill-gotten gains are slim, and your items may even be confiscated. Instead of taking this chance, Trade Authority vendors offer a safer way to deal with stolen merchandise.

Unfortunately, Trade Authority outposts don’t advertise their presence openly, given their involvement in the trade of illicit items. Finding these underground salesmen can be a bit tricky.

Sell Stolen Goods in Starfield: Salesman

Finding a Buyer

There are three main hubs where you can successfully sell stolen goods in Starfield with the Trade Authority. The easiest one to locate is in Neon, part of the Volii Alpha region. It’s conveniently situated right next to the city’s entrance, marked by a neon-yellow sign.

Another hub can be found on Mars, specifically in the central hub of Cydonia. This one’s a bit trickier to spot, as there are no distinctive signs. You’ll need to carefully check each vendor to ensure you can sell stolen goods in Starfield, but be cautious not to inadvertently sell your stolen items to a regular trader.

Sell Stolen Goods in Starfield: Store

The third and most challenging place to sell stolen goods in Starfield is within the massive Trade Authority building in New Atlantis, situated on Jemison. To get there, you’ll need to travel to The Well using the train in the MAST district. Near the train, you’ll find an elevator leading to a grungy area with a lengthy path. Follow the path, turn right, and you’ll eventually reach the Trade Authority hub.

Getting Away With It

Once you’ve made your way to a Trade Authority exchange you have two options: sell stolen goods in Starfield or remove the stolen tag by rebuying the items at no extra cost. If you want the best price for your goods, it’s advisable to get rid of the stolen tag as this makes the items tradable everywhere. Keep in mind that each shop offers different buying rates, so it’s worth shopping around to maximize your profits.

How to Sell Stolen Goods in Starfield

In Starfield, there are two main categories of illegal goods: contraband and stolen items. While selling contraband is a distinct mechanic, dealing with stolen goods is comparatively simpler.

Identifying stolen items is straightforward—they’re marked with a red chevron in your inventory. Regular vendors won’t touch them, as they refuse to deal with illegal goods. Fortunately, when it comes to this business, the Trade Authority isn’t as squeaky clean as it appears and to sell stolen goods in Starfield is highly doable. As hinted in the Alternating Currents mission, they’re more than willing to accept stolen items. Therefore, any settlement with a Trade Authority office is a safe bet for selling your loot. You can also find their ships or space stations in some sectors.

Alternatively, you may stumble upon individual vendors in specific locations, particularly UC settlements, who are willing to sell stolen goods. An example is on Mars in Cydonia, there’s a store at the end of the main ramp on the left run by an NPC named Denis Averin. He will handle your stolen goods for you without asking too many questions.

A warning to keep in mind is that if you attempt to sell stolen goods getting scanned with these pilfered items won’t trigger alarms. However, if you’re carrying contraband you’ll be boarded and risk losing your stolen items as well.

Sell Stolen Goods in Starfield: Scanning

In the vast universe of Starfield, the opportunities are endless, whether you choose to be a hero or delve into a life of crime. Selling stolen goods can be a profitable venture if done discreetly. Remember the tips shared here to make the most out of your illicit endeavors.


1. Is selling stolen goods in Starfield risky?

Selling stolen goods carries some risk, especially if you’re carrying contraband. However, by following our guide and choosing the right places, you can minimize those risks.

2. Where can I find Trade Authority hubs in Starfield?

There are three main hubs: Neon in the Volii Alpha region, Cydonia on Mars, and New Atlantis on Jemison. Each has its own challenges to locate.

3. Can I sell stolen goods to regular vendors in Starfield?

It’s not advisable, as regular vendors are skilled at detecting fraud. Your items may be confiscated, and you’ll receive no payment.

4. How can I remove the stolen tag from items in Starfield?

You can remove the stolen tag by rebuying the items at a Trade Authority exchange. This allows you to trade them freely.

5. What happens if I get scanned with stolen goods in Starfield?

If you get scanned with stolen goods, it won’t set off alarms. However, carrying contraband can lead to being boarded and losing your stolen items as well.

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