Tarisland: Library of Chaos Dungeon Guide

You will encounter several dungeons in Tarisland, and upon finishing them, you will be awarded! The Library of Chaos is the name of one of the dungeons. You can get help from this Library of Chaos Dungeon Guide, which also gives you information on the kind of opponents you can expect and how to overcome them.

Library of Chaos Dungeon

Library of Chaos Dungeon Guide

Alright, let me first give you a brief heads-up before we step inside the Library of Chaos dungeon. Even if the journey could be difficult, completing all the requirements makes it simpler. You need to have some basic gear and be at least level 13 to play on standard difficulty. High-end equipment is not required; level 1 equipment will do. However, the elite difficulty is a tougher variant to tackle if you’re up for it. You have to have at least level 18 and level 50 equipment there.

Now, for you to finish the dungeon in both versions, you must defeat three tough bosses. Thus, what are you waiting for? Explore, advance, and prepare ready to take on all challenging tasks that may come along the way!

Silno (Library Director)

Tarisland Silno

Silno is the first boss of the Library of Chaos dungeon. He is the head librarian who went missing without knowing the reason behind it. Due to the Doomsday Apostle’s black magic seal going out of hand, he got locked up in the library and goes berserk.

Silno Skills

  • Demon Haunting
    • Silno inflicts randomly the Demon Haunting status that will last for 8 seconds that deals damage to it every second.
  • Demon Trap
    • Silno inflicts the Demon Haunting status on the farthest player and will additionally put a Demon Trap at the target’s feet every 2.5 seconds which will deal damage within a circle of 3 meters every second for 20 seconds.
  • Demon Grip
    • Silno pulls all the players onto his feet.
  • Soul Burst
    • Around Silno, he inflicts damage on a circle of 12 meters.
  • Little Match Girl
    • Silno summons a little girl with her matches. Then monsters will appear to destroy those matches. If the matches got completely destroyed, your team will be wiped out.
  • Wolf and Lamb
    • All players turn into lambs and will be pursued by one werewolf each. When all players got caught, they will be wiped out.

Challenge Strategy

All the roles have the same strategy needed to do to defeat Silno. Stay out of the range of Soul Burst since it can inflict a ton of damage. If you are a healer or a DPS that was in the farthest area of the battlefield, keep away from your teammates because you do not want them to suffer from the damage of Demon Trap.

Tarisland Library of Chaos Strategy

During the Wolf and Lamb, keep running until the timer runs out. You can use a skill that increases your speed and take that as your advantage away from the wolves. While during Little Match Girl, defend the matches at all costs to not be wiped out.

Satyug (Doomsday Judge)

Tarisland Satyug

Satyug is the second boss of the Library of Chaos dungeon. He is a demon guardian who is capable of casting elemental energy.

Satyug Skills

  • Elemental Strike
    • Satyug inflicts elemental damage in a fan-shaped area of 90 degrees with 30 meters radius ahead.
  • Pillar of Element
    • Satyug summons a Pillar of Element at the locations of all players. It will deal elemental damage to all of them within a radius of 3 meters after 1.8 seconds.
  • Prison of Element
    • Satyug summons a Prison of Element to trap and stun a random player who is not a tank. But players can destroy them to free their teammates.
  • Element Fusion
    • Satyug inflicts damage on all players.
  • Element Conversion
    • Satyug summons several element orbs that can enhance him by touching them. If Satyug absorbed the orb with the same as his own attribute, he would be enhanced greatly.

Challenge Strategy

In fighting Satyug, timing is crucial. Touch the element orbs on time first because you do not want him to get a damage buff. Dodging the attacks of Satyug is a hard thing to do since there are a lot of elemental skills. But as much as possible, dodge them to not receive a ton of damage.

Tarisland Library of Chaos Strategy

DPS players should be aware of the status of their team since they can be imprisoned, and it is their job to destroy those traps. And as always, healers should be aware of the health of their teammates in order for them to not die.

Bonacius (Doom Reaper)

Tarisland Bonacius

Bonacius is the last boss of the Library of Chaos dungeon. He is a mighty demon boss, leading a demon troop under the Doomsday Apostle.

Bonacius Skills

  • Void Swing
    • Bonacius inflicts damage in a fan-shaped of 90 degrees within 30 meters radius ahead.
  • Void Bomb
    • Bonacius inflicts damage around all players in a radius of 3 meters.
  • Annihilation
    • Bonacius inflicts damage on all players.
  • Savage Dash
    • Bonacius will dash in a rectangular shape ahead that is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide which stuns and deals damage on all of the players there.
  • Void Army
    • Bonacius summons his troops, Void Army, and a group of Void Elites that can increase the cooldown of the players.

Challenge Strategy

While fighting Bonacius, spacing is more important than sticking around with your teammates. During the Void Bomb, you all need to scatter around since those around you and yourself will take damage.

Tarisland Library of Chaos Strategy

You need to stay out of the range of Savage Dash because you will be stunned which makes you vulnerable to all other damage.

If you are a tank, use taunt to distract the troops of Bonacius when he used Void Army in order to protect your teammates from getting attacked.

We hope this guide for the Library of Chaos has helped you and your team to clear the dungeon! If you’ve not yet completed the Merfolk Swamp Dungeon, we have a Guide for you too!


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