Tarisland PVP Guide – Battlegrounds

Tarisland offers an intense PVP Mode – Battlegrounds. There are currently 2 maps available on this mode – the Sinister Orefield & Peak Gulf. This Tarisland PVP guide will tell you all you need to know about the mode, the maps, and their objectives, as well as some tips on how you can dominate the enemy team.

In this Tarisland PVP guide, we'll tackle all you need to know about the maps and objectives

Battlegrounds – The Tarisland PVP Guide

The first part of this Tarisland PVP guide is the basics themselves. The Battlegrounds are automatically unlocked at level 21. An objective is provided to the player, and clicking on this objective will bring out the matchmaking screen. The matchmaking screen can also be accessed by pressing “h” on your keyboard. You can queue alone or with a group. The game matches you with players of the same or similar levels. Do take note that it is only available for a limited amount of time a day, which is 10:00-23:59 server time only.

There are 2 maps available for the Battlegrounds – Sinister Orefield & Peak Gulf (We’ll talk about this more on this Tarisland PVP Guide). These two rotate on a daily basis. The game mode features 10 vs 10 battles, and objectives differ depending on the map. An MVP is always chosen after the match, and selection depends on their performance or KDA. After the match, players are rewarded with Glory points and Silver Coins.


On this part of the Tarisland PVP Guide, we’re gonna show you the the objectives and how matches are won:

Sinister Orefield

Duke it out in Tarisland's PVP map - Sinister Orefield

The first map in this Tarisland PVP Guide is Sinister Orefield. In this map, players are tasked to escort their Bomb Truck to the end goal if they are on offense, and halt and destroy said Bomb Truck before it reaches the end goal if they are on defense. The game is 10 minutes long with two 5-minute rounds. These rounds can go shorter depending on how quickly each team can finish their main objective.

Points are awarded to each team depending on how well they secure their objective. These points as well as the Bomb Truck’s progression, match and round times can be seen at the right side of the screen. Each round is over if a team manages to secure their objective or if 5 minutes are up. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins. This is one of the important info in this Tarisland PVP Guide.


The main objective of being on offense is to escort the Bomb Truck to the end goal. Players will need to be within the vicinity of the Truck in order for it to advance.

Take note that if an enemy gets too close to the Bomb Truck, it will stop moving until the enemies are eliminated or drove off.

Advancing the truck further will provide the team points, with 200 points being added to the tally if the team manages to escort the payload to the goal line.

On offense, protect the Bomb Truck, and make sure that it gets to the end line.


On Defense, players are tasked to halt the Bomb Truck, damage it, and ultimately destroy it. Being near the Truck halts it, and gives the team a chance to chip away at the truck and eliminating its defenders.

The defensive team will have turrets available to them, which are manned by the players. This gives an edge for the defensive team especially on doing chip damage to the Bomb Truck, as well as aiding in teamfights.

Steadily chipping away at the Bomb Truck awards the defensive team points, with 200 points being awarded for destroying the Bomb Truck.

On Defense, do your best to halt the Bomb Truck and destroy it

Peak Gulf

The second map that we will tackle in our Tarisland PVP guide is Peak Gulf! In Peak Gulf, players duke it out to take control of three resource points in the map, the Ruins of Devotion, the Ruins of Courage, and the Ruins of Wisdom. A fourth, and special strategic point, the Soul Tower, which is located at the middle of the map, becomes available every few minutes. The match is set to 10 minutes, and is not divided into rounds unlike Sinister Orefield.

Taking control of each strategic point rewards the controlling team resources, while denying the other team these points will hinder their resource growth. Each point’s capture status, as well as each team’s resource points, and remaining time can be seen at the right side of the screen. The first team to get to 2000 resource points or whichever team has the most points after 10 minutes wins.

Resource Points

The three resource points are available once the match starts, and are in neutral position. Players must race across the map to each of these points and stand in the point for a set amount of time to capture it. A meter at the upper middle portion of the screen will show the capture process. Capturing these points will increase the team’s resource points in increments of 5. Capturing more points increases the rate in which the resource increases. In contrast, a team without a resource point means that their resource points will not move up. Capturing more points ensures that your team will have a faster resource growth than the enemy’s

Resource point capture status is displayed in the middle. White means that it is neutral, while red or blue means it's occupied

It is important to note that the enemy team will try to prevent you from capturing these points, and capture them for themselves. As long as there are enemies standing in a point, capturing will not progress unless they are dove off or eliminated.

Enemy resource points will take a little bit longer to capture, as they need to be made neutral again, then captured by your team.

The Soul Tower

The Soul Tower is located at the middle of the map, and is not available for capture in the first 3 minutes of the game. Once activated, though, the point will remain neutral until a team captures it. Once captured, the point will remain captured for 30 seconds, and then become unavailable again for 2 minutes, after which it activates again.

Fight to take control of the Soul Tower, and win the game!

Capturing this point provides the capturing team a large boost in resource points, which oftentimes leads to the capturing team winning the match. Capturing this point is very crucial for both teams.


Now that you know how the maps work, we’ll also give you tips on how to win these maps! Our Tarisland PVP guide covers tips on what you can do to make sure you’re dominating your matches! Check it out!

  1. Play with friends- Oftentimes, we like playing alone, but matchmaking with randoms can sometimes feel a little bit frustrating, especially if there are imbalances to classes. Playing with a group can certainly help in planning and balancing out your team, as well as making comms easier.
  2. Know your role – Securing objectives becomes easier when you know your role and being good at it. Whether that is a ganker picking off squishies or a tank creating space for his team, playing your part in team fights will always give you the upper hand
  3. Position properly – Sure, you have the highest DPS in your team, but if you are squishy, and stand in the middle of team fights, you are most definitely going to get killed. Being at the right place at the right time will help you survive longer and contribute to your team.
  4. Objective-based mindset – Racking up kills against the enemy team is good and all, but matches are won by securing objectives. Prioritize securing objectives first, before unleashing destruction onto your enemies.
  5. Don’t tilt – You have died to the same Barbarian Fighter 5 times already, and you notice that it’s affecting the way you are playing the match. Keeping a cool and level head during these matches will ensure you have the upper hand.
  6. Most importantly, have fun! – The game offers a fun PVP system, and enjoying it brings out the best experience.

You could also let us know what you think about this guide on our Discord Channel! We will continue to add to this Tarisland PVP guide and create more guides and content as the game grows. If you want to learn more about Tarisland, we have an article that covers that! If you want to know what role to play in the Battlegrounds, you can check out this guide that covers the basics of the classes. For more in-depth guides, you can visit our website!




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