Ultimate Tarisland Class Guide

Tencent released its close beta test for their new MMORPG Tarisland. Based in a Western fantasy universe, Tarisland will be available on both PC and mobile worldwide in 2023. It is described as a large sandbox featuring raids, several classes and builds, and a massive cosmos to explore.

This post will provide you with the Ultimate Tarisland Class Guide and take you through each of the classes that are currently offered in Tarisland.

Tarisland Class Guide

You may develop your gameplay in Tarisland by using classes and characteristics. A rich and diverse experience is provided by the unique abilities and duties of each playable character. This diversity becomes even more crucial when venturing into dungeons and raids when a well-planned squad composition might be the difference between victory and failure. The seven Tarisland classes that are playable in the game are listed below.

The Ranger Class

Effective in both trapping and wildlife taming, the Ranger character is a great option for ranged DPS. With two specialties available, players can select between taming and hunting as their chosen playstyle.

Tarisland Class Guide - Ranger

This Tarisland class is a flexible and lethal ranged warrior noted for their superb marksmanship and connection to wild forces. Rangers fulfill the Damage-Ranged duty and can select between Taming and Hunting specialties. Rangers excel at dealing damage from a distance with perfect accuracy when armed with a bow. This Tarisland class is also a real expert in beast-taming and trap-making. Rangers are often regarded as one of Tarisland’s finest DPS classes, as they usually never allow adversaries to get too close to attack them.

The Paladin Class

As a supporting class, the Paladin has two specializations: Justice and Guardian. As a melee DPS, the Justice specialization deals devastating blows to opponents, whilst the Guardian specialization allows players to assume the role of a selfless melee tank, guiding their group through difficult situations.

Tarisland Class Paladin

This Tarisland class is a holy warrior who embodies virtue, faith, and unflinching adherence to justice. Paladins are adept in both offensive and defense, wearing heavy armor and wielding a powerful sword or hammer. When you play as a Paladin, you may pick between the Damage-Melee or Tank-Melee role and the Justice and Guardian specialties. The latter qualifies Paladins as Tarisland’s finest tank since they excel at absorbing incoming damage in raids and dungeons.

The Warrior Class

Warriors channel their rage into terrifying weapons that deal massive harm to their opponents. The Fury specialization focuses on melee DPS, whilst the War Shield specialization assists players in achieving their tanking goals.

Tarisland Class Warrior

This Tarisland class is a bold and resilient frontline soldier who wields great weapons and embodies strength and courage. Warriors excel at close-quarters battles and serve as the party’s vanguard. When you play as a Warrior, you may pick between the Damage-Melee or Tank-Melee position and the Fury and War Shield specialties. Warriors, being experts in melee combat, may use their wrath in a battle to deliver devastating strikes to their opponents. Their vast martial arts training allows them to execute strong attacks with accuracy and effectiveness.

The Mage Class

Frost and Fire are the two specialties that make up the Mage class; each has unique abilities and playstyles. Even while these specializations might seem similar, the game makes an effort to stand out in several ways.

Tarisland Class Mage

As a master of elemental magic, this Tarisland character can kill opponents and alter reality itself by channeling the powers of ice and fire. Due to their extensive knowledge of magical energies, mages can manipulate the battlefield to their advantage and unleash potent spells. You assume the Damage-Ranged position when you play as a Mage, and you can choose between the Frost and Flame specializations. Mages excel in ranged combat because they can cast AoE spells and unleash devastating magical missiles while staying safe. Their spell collection contains abilities that may destroy your adversaries from a distance, such as cold blasts and blazing explosions.

The Priest Class

A priest is a dangerous and varied class who obtains the power of religion to punish evil and bolster the spirit in the face of adversity. It worships heavenly light, heals wounds, and opposes and disperses evil.

Tarisland Class Priest

This Tarisland class is a faith healer and spiritual leader who uses holy magic to cure wounds, defend allies, and defeat evil. Priests are devoted worshippers of their chosen deity, pouring their faith and dedication into powerful healing skills. When you play as a Priest, you may pick between the Damage-Ranged or Healer-Ranged role and the Faith and Pray specialties. Priests are Tarisland’s strongest healers since they can quickly cure comrades’ wounds even in the most difficult combat. Priests excel at assisting their teammates by giving critical healing in the heat of combat. They can, however, be effective damage dealers, allowing them to level up and farm without relying on teammates.

The Bard Class

The Bard is an intriguing new class to the game’s roster. The Bard has DPS and Healer specializations, incorporating elements from other games’ iconic Bard characters. Notably, the DPS specialty has a Solo variant that focuses on battle self-sufficiency.

Tarisland Class Bard

This Tarisland class is a charming and talented entertainer who uses song, narrative, and magic to attract audiences and affect combat outcomes. Bards are masters of inspiration, utilizing their abilities to strengthen comrades, alter emotions, and perplex opponents. When you play as a Bard, you can pick between the Damage-Ranged or Healer-Ranged role and the Solo and Concerto specialties. Through their enticing melodies and pleasant compositions, bards excel at supporting their partners. They may instill bravery in their teammates by enhancing their talents and offering healing-over-time benefits.

The Barbarian Fighter Class

In Tarisland, the Barbarian Fighter class is a violent and unyielding fighter motivated by raw power, primordial instincts, and an unquenchable appetite for fighting.

Tarisland Class Barbarian Fighter

This Tarisland class are deadly frontline fighters famed for their unrivaled physical strength and unwavering endurance. When you play as a Barbarian Fighter, you can pick between Thunder and Frozen specialties and fulfill the Damage-Melee or Tank-Melee role. Barbarian Fighters thrive in close-quarters battle, wielding enormous weapons with amazing force and dexterity. They depend on their sheer strength and brutal might to inflict deadly blows on their opponents.

If you wish to choose this fighter in your close beta test of Tarisland, we made a build guide exclusively for the Barbarian Fighter. Check out this link for more info.


That concludes our ultimate Tarisland Class guide for you. We hope you enjoyed reading the article and learned something new from it. If you wish to know more about Tarisland, we made an article about “Everything We Know About Tarisland“. Stay tuned because we will continue to update our website for future Tarisland updates and builds.


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