Landscapers Key Dead Island 2

landscapers key featured image

Eddie’s Toolbox can be found on the back of a van on the North-east side of the map. To unlock the Toolbox you will need the Landscapers Key.

Coachs Car Keys Dead Island 2

coachs car keys featured image

Coach Ace’s Car can be found on the streets of Bel-air, however, the car is locked! Lets find where the Coachs Car Keys are located.

Garage Safe Key in Dead Island 2

The Garage Safe Key can be found within the Beverly Hills location, The key drops of the nosy neighbour zombie found wandering the top right street within Beverly Hills.

Pax Dei Building FAQ Part 2

Welcome to the Pax Dei Building FAQ part 2, focused on the building feature in Pax Dei. Everything we’ll detail below is part of our vision.

Coach Ace Dead Island 2

Coach Ace

An open world mini boss found on the Bel-air tennis court, Coach Ace packs quite the punch