Curtis House Keys and Safe Keys featured

Curtis House Keys and Safe Keys Dead Island 2

As you may have noticed, acquiring and finishing anything related to Curtis can be seemingly longer than other chains in the game. This is due to Curtis having multiple keys, Curtis House Keys and Safe Keys, even Garage Keys! Finding all three keys however is worth it and as a result, we’ll show you how and where!

Curtis House Keys and Safe Keys + Garage Keys Location

Firstly, you will want to find Curtis’ House Keys, as you cannot enter Curtis’ house in any other way without them. One thing you will quickly find is that the keys are locked behind Curtis’ side quests. Curtis will award you with the House Keys after you save him from a swarm of Zombies.

Secondly, the next set of keys that you are going to need to get your hands on are Curtis’ Garage Keys, as a result of finding them, you can unlock a safe zone and a workbench. You can obtain the keys by heading to the front of the garage and hitting the switch located between both garage doors. After killing the zombies inside, there are two crates you can break that allow you to crawl to the other side of the garage. In this section you can find the Garage Keys!

Curtis House Keys and Safe Keys featured

Next up is Curtis’ Safe Key! This will be required to access Curtis’ Valuables Safe after gaining access to the house via the House Keys. The way to obtain the key however will not be available to you until you progress through the main quest enough. To reach the conditions allowing you to grab Curtis House Key and Safe Key you need to have accomplished the following:

  • Complete the main quest “Justifiable Zombicide” in Beverly Hills
  • Encounter a Screamer Infected

When you travel back to Curtis’ house, head to the guest house at night time. Here, you will find a Screamer named “Crystal the Lawyer”. Defeat her and receive Curtis’ Valuables Safe Key! Check the map below to locate the key locations, the Valuables Safe and Guest house.

Finally, you can now head to the Valuable’s Safe and retrieve your rewards! Typically this rewards powerful loot, such as heavy weapons. For more information on Dead Island 2 Keys and Items, check out our guides and our fully interactive map!


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