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Coachs Car Keys Dead Island 2

In Dead Island 2 early on in the Bel-air map you may come across the Coach’s Car Trunk. To access this trunk and gather powerful early game loot, you will need to find the Coachs Car Keys. With that in mind, lets check out where to find them!

Firstly, head to the blue tennis court located on the south-west side of Bel-air. Once you reach the location, a stronger zombie mob named Coach Ace will be there, to obtain the Coachs Car Keys, you must defeat Coach Ace. Check out the map below if you are lost.

Finally, once you have defeated Coach Ace and obtained the keys, head back to the Car located on Access Rd 782 as seen in the map photo to claim your powerful loot rewards!

Be aware that Coach Ace can tend to be over-leveled compared to you so fight with caution! For more information on Dead Island 2, check out our guides and our fully interactive map for all locations including the Coachs Car Keys!


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