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Landscapers Key Dead Island 2

Landscapers Key Location

Landscaper’s Key is required to unlock Eddie’s Toolbox, found on the North-east side of the map. It should be noted however that the key is not found as early as you may come across Eddie’s Toolbox.

To get the chance to obtain the Landscapers Key, you need to have accomplished the following:

  • Reached Santa Monica Pier in the main story
  • Started the “Boardwalking Dead” quest
  • Met a Butcher Infected for the first time

Once you have reached these conditions, you can now fast travel back to Bel-air and find the key! The location itself is not very hard to find, and even easier to find if you follow our map!

map location for landscapers key

Head to the red circle highlighting the frontside of the left most house on the map above. Once you have reached the featured front, a mini-boss mob named “Green Thumb Eddie” should spawn, defeat Eddie can collect the Landscapers Keys!

Finally, head back to Eddie’s Toolbox shown in the top right of the map above and open it to receive your powerful loot! For more information such as key locations, check out our Dead Island 2 section for our guides and fully interactive map – for all your collecting needs!


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