Military Supplies Key Dead Island 2

The Military Supplies Key can be looted from the Drill Sergeant, he is a level 8 mini boss found in the Halperin Hotel region, He has a decent HP pool and some interesting attacks.

Military Supplies key

Military Supplies key boss

The Drill Sergeant uses mostly standard attack besides a ground pound that causes a shockwave, to avoid getting knocked down players must jump over this shock wave and continue to fight him. Make sure to bring a good weapon with you because the Drill Sergeant is quite the tank!

Drill Sergeants Loot

  • 1 Alloy
  • 1 Protein bar
  • 1 Synthetic fibers
  • Military supplies key
Military Supplies key

Military Supplies Safe location

The exact location of the military supplies can be found on our Dead Island 2 Interactive Map , Within the Halperin Hotel region. Both the safe and the miniboss that drops the keys are located on Lacuna AV.

Military Supplies key

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