brock safe key location dead island 2 featured image

Brocks Safe Key Dead Island 2

brock safe key location dead island 2 featured image

The Safe of Broseidon is a locked safe hidden in a popular streamers bedroom in Bel-air. The safe itself is located in the Goat Pen House. However, to open the safe you need to find Brocks Safe Key, lets find out where it is!

There is a point in the main quest line where you will be brought back to Bel-air during the nighttime after leaving the Halperin Hotel. Once you reach Bel-air, head to the Goat Pen House and to the pool deck shown on our interactive map. You will have to kill a Crusher named Brock to receive the key!

Head back to the Safe of Broseidon located in the Streamer’s bedroom and collect your reward! Typically you find a powerful weapon in there.

To find more Safes & Keys and all items and collectables like Brocks Safe Key, check out our guides and interactive map for Dead Island 2!


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