Pax Dei Building FAQ Part 2

Welcome to the Pax Dei Building FAQ part 2, focused on the building feature in Pax Dei. Everything we’ll detail below is part of our vision, our plans regarding how building will work in Pax Dei. However, please keep in mind that, as for every project in development, nothing is set in stone, and some changes might happen depending on test results and feedback from the community.

In Pax Dei, you will be able to build your hut/house/village, alone or with your friends. To build a structure, you’ll first need to find a good place to place your plot, as you can only build on a plot.
If you haven’t already make sure to check out Part 1 in the 2 part Building FAQ

Pax Dei Building FAQ Part 2

Part two/FAQ follow up

You mention “plot” several times. What is a plot exactly?

Good question! A plot is a portion of land that belongs to a character and that you can “claim” in the areas open for building. This portion of land is circular and vast enough to build a house of reasonable size and a couple of smaller structures. When you’re placing a plot, you’ll be able to pretty freely pick the plot location in the Heartlands and will see a preview of exactly what the area you’re getting is like.

How big are the Heartlands we’re building in?

We’re creating a separate content package about the world and this will be covered in detail there. The Heartlands are pretty big, and there are many.

How much can I build on a plot?

We haven’t yet determined how large the plots are, so it’s impossible to answer this exactly. The balance we’re looking for could be described as “you can build quite a lot on your plot, but you will also want to work with your clan to use the combined land in your clan’s plots as smartly as possible”.

There are no doors or signs in the video?

The current game build doesn’t have doors and signs, but yes, we want to have these as much as you do.

Can I build on water?

Yes, we currently allow the plots to overlap water and probably will want to have this be the case long term. As you saw in the video we posted, lakeside properties are pretty awesome. In the current game build, you can place building foundation pieces underwater, as long as the bottom of the lake is close to the surface, so effectively you can build on the shore with slight overlap with water, but you cannot build let’s say a bridge over a lake.

I can’t build outside of Heartlands, right? But what about PvP?

You can’t build outside of Heartlands… in the current game version. We want to have this eventually, but PvP building destruction that works in an MMO is highly challenging to have work in a way that creates a good gameplay experience, so we haven’t made this yet. Basically, we’re working toward having a solid core game at launch, and PvP building is planned for a game update. Having said that, we absolutely want to have high-stakes PvP in the game launch version – it’s just the stakes are not related to building.

The reason not to have the houses you’re building in Heartlands be part of PvP is that we want the base game to be enjoyable to even those who don’t want to participate in PvP directly. We believe even the hardcore PvPers deserve a resting place in the world to regroup and gather forces in preparation for the next battle.

Does the game have roads? How do those work?

Yes, we have a pre-made road network we’ll also cover in more detail later in the world posting later. The short of it is – roads are intended for traveling the world, and you can’t build on the pre-made roads.

Are there access controls in the plots?

We have an access control system that’s being integrated into the items. It will give you reasonably granular control over who can access things in your plot. We don’t have a feature to restrict people from walking on your land, but you can build walls, so theoretically, your clan could wall up the village – as people did in the Middle Ages.

Can I build on other players’ plots?

Yes – depending on who allows you to do so. We’re expecting most clans will set up their plots so all clan members can build on all clan plots.

What if a griefer builds a plot next to mine or my clan’s plots?

We understand that players may encounter issues with plot placement, and we want to ensure that our players have the ability to resolve these conflicts. Our team has extensive experience working on multiple MMOs, and we are well-versed in the challenges that players can face.

Can I modify the ground in the plot?

We don’t support this feature, but as said, you can build the foundations that allow you to flatten the land.

Is there a height cap to how tall buildings I can make?

Yes, but the structural integrity system will effectively block you from making buildings tall enough to hit the cap. We’d like to enable you to make large multi-story houses, but at the same time, we don’t want the game to feature skyscrapers, so the tallest buildings will be somewhere around what you’d expect to see in the Middle Ages.

Are the building pieces in the video final?

The video we posted doesn’t show all the blocks we have in the game, and we’re still iterating on exactly what blocks we have, so please assume anything you saw in the video is subject to change.

Can I get more plots somehow?

In the current game, each player has just one plot, but we will eventually add ways in which you can get additional land.

Observations (speculation)

  • Spinning wheel: “The briar bears much that would prick a finder. The spindle hides its thorn.” A tier 1 spinning wheel can be seen for a split second, Probably a mid level processing station used to process raw resources.
  • parties: When the player walks close to another player a menu comes up with the ability to send a party invite.
  • private message: Much the same as a party invite when ever you’re in close enough proximity to a player you can send them a private message through the same menu.
  • forge: We get to see a few forges through out the video, we caught a quick glimpse in FAQ part 1 but didn’t get the full low down then. The screenshot seems to show 3 low tier forges and 1 upgraded one. This could also be two different types of structures maybe a forge and 3 kiln’s .
  • anvil: In a few off the screenshots and the video we can see several stations with anvils scattered through out, fairly reminiscent of a smithy.
  • trading post: in the bottom left corner of one of the screenshots provided for the Pax Dei Building FAQ Part 2 you can see an old school equal arm scale and an hour glass sitting on a table, we assume this has something to do with player to player trading.
  • Chests: Next to the forges you can also see several storage chests probably to organize the villagers ore supplies.
Pax Dei Building FAQ Part 2


All of this great information regarding the Pax Dei Building FAQ part 2 can be found on the Official Pax Dei Discord, All of these answers can also be found on the same discord. Some of the stuff included in this article is speculation by our great editorial staff here at MMO-WIKI and will be marked as such.


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