Where to find Iron in Pax Dei


Iron is used to make wrought ingot which is important in creating many weapons, armors and tool that can help the player in-game. It is a vein of raw metal, a harbinger of both strength and struggle in ancient forging tales. Finding one is easy and to mine it doesn’t require a high-level pickaxe to mine. 

Finding iron is quite easy. These deposits are found in the stone biome, scrubland biome, and some places pinned on the map. To mine this you can still use a stone pickaxe, but we highly suggest crafting an Iron Pickaxe to be able to achieve high mining damage to these nodes.

Importance of Iron

As the item is needed for in-game progression, as a basic furnace can turn this item into a wrought iron ingot. To build a basic furnace you will need some 60 clay, 8 gneiss stone, and 12 short wood stock. If you equip your construction hammer, you can see these recipes in the building mode.

Upon using the basic forge recipes, you can see the list of recipes, choose and select what you want to craft, and you can see the amount of ore you need and charcoal to start crafting.

The crafting time would depend on the ore you are crafting if it’s iron wrought it will be 1 hour and 20 minutes, and you can stack up to 8 slots for a crafting queue.

After getting wrought iron, you can craft this in the basic forge to craft it to the recipe that will be needed in creating weapons and tools for hunting or mining. To unlock the recipe for basic forge you will need to craft a basic bellows, you can find this in a basic blacksmith’s workbench.

after creating Basic Bellows you will obtain a new recipe basic forge. open your building mode and you will see the recipe and the ingredients needed for crafting a basic forge.

Now that you have a basic forge, you can select from the materials you want to craft. Crafting using wrought ingots requires a high level of blacksmithing to craft successfully. Make sure you meet the required skill level so that the failed craft will be minimized. 

after crafting materials in Basic Forge you can now start creating weapons/Tools for hunting and gathering resources such as mining and chopping trees using the Weaponsmith Workbench.

We hope this article helps you in finding iron ore and how to use it. We wish you good luck in finding more mineral ores.


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