PvP in Pax Dei

PvP in Pax Dei might not be exactly what you imagine off the get-go, Mainframe Industries have promised to bring an all-new PvP experience to their new Cloud Native MMO. Integrating PvE into PvP through various game systems which we are going to talk about in this post.

PvP in Pax Dei

PvP in Pax Dei is obviously a core aspect but it might not be exactly the same as other games in the genre, Pax Dei tries to mitigate senseless ganking and other forms of meaningless PvP by giving players the clear ability to opt into PvP. Right now there is a PvP zone where players can fight against each other and gather rare resources. This is however just a testing area for the devs to improve combat via valuable feedback from players. More PvP areas will be introduced into the game when they bring out Knights and Kingdoms which will allow you to build structures in PvP areas and defend them.

Action based combat

“We’re doing action combat and aim it to be more strategic than reactive so the decisions you make before combat (gearing up – knowing the weaknesses etc) are at least as important than the ones you make during combat. It won’t be hotkey smashing but not super timing sensitive either as the goal is to make anticipation and reading the encounter more important than reaction speeds but we do want to have room for mastery.”

Currently, the combat is very basic and will be worked on throughout Early Access. Mainframe wants to make sure that large-scale fights and 1v1’s are all balanced and feel different as all combat is not the same.

Hearthlands and the Darkness Beyond

Hearthlands are protected by the divine, a 10 square-kilometer safe zone meant to ease people into the darkness beyond. Within the Hearthlands players can gather and build their home, town, or city without having to worry about other players coming to destroy it. Beyond the Hearthlands it will get more and more dangerous as you explore. Outside the Heartlands is where you will find interesting POIs and Dungeons where you can partake in some PvE. The idea is for the Hearthlands to be a safe zone for players and everything outside of it to be a PvP area. How all of it will work is still in the works and will be revealed to us as the development of the game continues.

With combat being quite basic currently, the PvP in Pax Dei is very limited as you can only fight in one zone. It is very entertaining though when you do encounter other players that want to fight as well. We will keep updating this article as the combat and PvP develop.


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