PvP in Pax Dei

PvP in Pax Dei might not be exactly what you imagine off the get go, Mainframe Industries have promised to bring an all new PvP experience to their new Cloud Native MMO. Integrating PvE into PvP through various game systems which we are going to talk about in this post.

PvP in Pax Dei

PvP in Pax Dei is obviously a core aspect but it might not be exactly the same as other games in the genre, Pax Dei tries to mitigate senseless ganking and other forms of meaningless PvP by giving players the clear ability to opt in to PvP. For now we dont exactly know if they will be using a flagging zone like popular 2022 game New World or if they will look into implementing low and high sec systems like Eve Online.

PvP in Pax Dei

Action based combat

From current alpha footage Pax Dei looks to have an action combat system in place to make sure the combat feels vibrant and life like, with magic, archery and melee being the holy trinity of combat styles.
With a large emphasis on character creation you can basically teach yourself to fill any and all of the roles within the holy trinity, No character should ever be locked to a certain playstyle permanently. In Pax Dei the idea is to be able to learn every skill and seamlessly swap between roles through changing your clothing and gear using the extremely deep clothing system. How this will work is currently still unknown although we imagine it might look a fair bit like New World and its respeccing mechanics.

Hearthlands and the darkness beyond

Hearthlands are protected by the divine, a 10 square kilometer safe zone ment to ease people into the darkness beyond. Within the Hearthlands there is no threath of violence, no PvP or hostile PvE will take place here. Beyond the Hearthlands it gets more complicated, the further you go the more you will start to feel the decay of the world beyond the Hearthlands. Without the divine protection the shadows and other horrors have quickly over taken the darkness. Both PvE and PvP become a significant threath the further you go from the Hearthlands.

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