Where to Find Heartwood in Pax Dei

Chopping heartwood is easy once you know what you’re doing, let us help you understand Heartword in Pax Dei. It requires a specific skill level and selection of trees where you can farm these. Heartwood is the forest giant’s inner strength, this item is an ingredient for heartwood charcoal and fine wood materials.


Heartwood can actually be obtained by chopping down all types of trees, it does seem to be slightly random on the amount you get. You need to meet a specific skill level requirement to obtain this. Some trees will start dropping heartwood after reaching level 20 in woodcutting skill. The trees that drop heartwood will increase as you level your skills in woodcutting. 

After reaching level 20, armed with a nice Wrought Iron Chopping Axe, you want head out to find some Oak trees, Alpine Juniper trees, and the Haunted Tree in the Forsaken forest biome. Oak trees can be located in the normal green foresty areas on the map. You can see them when you open your map and see some trees with a large trunk icon on the map. 

While the Alpine Juniper Tree, can be seen in the land of stone biomes, you can easily distinguish its appearance compared to the other trees. This tree is like a small tree with a curved style.

Chopping the Haunted tree, you will need to upgrade your Wrought Iron Chopping Axe to a Wrought Iron Axe. This upgrade needed to be able to hit this tree as it is hard to chop. it is located in the forsaken forest biome.

Importance of Heartwood

Heartwood is important in crafting fine wood materials, but the recipe can only be unlocked if you reach a specific carpentry skill level. Obtaining the item for the first time, you will be able to unlock one of its recipe, “Fine wood beam”.

You can craft these fine wood using the wood chopping block in the building mode if you equip construction hammer.

Interacting in the Wood Chopping Block, you will see the different wood craft you can do. Once you meet the required skill level, other wood craft recipes will appear here. Here is the list of all recipes that will be unlocked by reaching specific carpentry level skills.

  • Fine wood beam unlocks at carpentry level 5
  • Fine wooden plank unlocks at carpentry level 7
  • Long Fine Wood Stock unlocks at carpentry level 10
  • Short Fine Wood Stock unlocks at carpentry level 14

Aside from fine wood materials, you can use this to create heartwood charcoal. In creating a charcoal kiln you need to have a high skill in carpentry and woodcutting, as creating the charcoal kiln requires some fine materials in the process.

To start you need to go to the Carpenters workbench, find the recipe for charcoal kiln plans (this is unlocked when you reach carpentry skill level 7, but it needs at least skill level 19 to craft it successfully.)

Note: In my case, I managed to unlock the recipe by having a level 7 carpentry, but it is impossible for me to craft it with my skill level. So start leveling your carpentry right now in order to craft a high-tier recipe.

By crafting the charcoal kiln plans, you will receive a new recipe for a charcoal kiln that will appear in your building mode if you equip your construction hammer, and place it in your plot once you have enough materials.

The ingredients for creating a charcoal kiln are 1 charcoal kiln plan, 40 bricks, and 12 clay.

You can see how big it is compared to the basic charcoal kiln. Upon interacting with the Charcoal Kiln, you can see that the required heartwood needed is 80 to produce 40 charcoal. The crafting time costs 24 minutes, and you can stack up to 8 times.

After learning about where to find Heartwood, you now have the knowledge that can help you focus on certain skills to be able to claim and craft it. Good luck in your adventure in the forest.


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Where to Find Heartwood in Pax Dei

Chopping heartwood is complex yet easy, needing skill and specific trees. As the forest giant’s inner strength, it’s key for heartwood charcoal and fine wood materials.