Pax Dei PVE

Pax Dei PvE is currently the main aspect of the game. Player Versus Environment (PvE) is a term used in all games, both single-player, multiplayer, co-op, and particularly MMORPG’s to refer to players fighting AI (the computer-controlled enemies). Players typically refer to story modes, quests, and anything that isn’t Player versus Player as PvE.

The goal is to marry PvE and PvP together by offering opportunities for both to bring value to the other party – be it facing the dangers of PvP or creating the best gear for PvP players.

As seen in the Early Access trailer PvE plays a big role at the moment in the game and is the foundation of what the developers are trying to build. With combat being worked on, the dungeons you will need to do for rare resources will become very fun and exciting to do.

Pax Dei PvE and What It’s About


The Heartlands will be restricted from PvP fights. The Heartlands will be your safe zone and safe from being raided by other players. This allows players that are not interested in PvP to still enjoy what the game has to offer. Currently, there is a small PvP map called Lyonesse where it is full loot PvP. Everywhere else is PvE during Early Access while they develop the combat further.

There will be multiple maps (provinces) that are around 100 square km in size and they have multiple Heartlands in.


You won’t find any of the traditional MMO NPC cities, NPC quest-givers, or NPC vendors in the world, but you will find a wide selection of creatures and AI enemies in PvE. Players will inhabit the lands, build the towns, handle trading, crafting etc.

No quest givers does not mean no quest-like content. Pax Dei PvE will have a wide variety of lore to follow as well as hidden stories and riddles to be explored and found.

Mysteries and clues will be found by examining the world, finding notes, and researching discarded books or artifacts. Players will unlock recipes or clues that lead you towards dungeons or hidden treasure, and let you access content and rare rewards that would otherwise be hidden or inaccessible to you.


There will not be traditional MMO NPCs in Cities or around the map. As there will not be any traditional Quests the NPC’s will also be the same. You won’t find any of the traditional MMO NPC cities, NPC quest-givers, or NPC vendors in the world, but you will find a wide selection of creatures and AI enemies in PvE. There will be a wide variety of POIs (Points-of-Interest) and Dungeons to explore.


Dungeons are mysterious and dangerous. Mastering that environment should take exploration, experimentation, daring, and practice. This is why a dungeon experience is not random. There, in an enclosed space, the game is doing its best to fend off players who want to enter and rob the place of its riches. Learn its layout, solve its mysteries, get to know the behavior of the inhabitants and you can become an expert in that dungeon, the maven who other players call on to show them the way.

  • Dungeons are large and complex
  • Dungeons are not instanced Zones, they are part of the greater overworld

The dungeons are still in a development state and still need a lot of content to fill them but they are not to be taken lightly. They can be very challenging if underestimated. Dungeons are also where you will find Relics which are needed for Weapon Smithing and Armor Smithing.

Open World Bosses

There is no confirmation of Open World Bosses yet, but we did see a video of a “Demon Boss”. This is quite exciting for Pax Dei PvE and PvP as World Bosses can bring a whole different type of combat and strategy.

We will be updating this section as the game develops and updated by the devs. If you know anything we have not mentioned please join our Discord and let us know!


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