Return to Moria: How to get Durin’s Axe

Discover How to Get Durin’s Axe

In the vast and mystical world of Middle-earth, the legend of Durin I, also known as “The Deathless,” and his iconic Axe echoes through the ages. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the intricate journey of acquiring Durin’s Axe in LOTR Return to Moria. Unveil the secrets of Khazad-dûm, the ancient kingdom, and embark on a quest to recover the scattered fragments of this legendary weapon.

Discover How to Get Durin's Axe

Return to Moria: The Legacy of Durin I

Durin I, also known as The Deathless, founded the line of Dwarves called Durin’s Folk in the kingdom of Khazad-dûm, later known as Moria. The legacy of Durin’s Helm and Durin’s Axe was shattered when the Balrog overran Khazad-dûm, breaking the Axe into five pieces scattered throughout Moria. Embark on the journey to reclaim the fragments and restore the power of Durin’s Axe.

The Legacy of Durin I

The Book of Mazarbul

The Book of Mazarbul states that when Balin set out on an expedition to re-establish the Dwarf’s presence in Moria, he discovered Durin’s Axe and Durin’s Helm and claimed them as his own. He took the title of “Lord of Moria” and ruled over the Dwarves for five years. The Axe was lost once again when the Dwarf colony was destroyed.

The Book of Mazarbul

Where and How to Start?

Your quest commences at the First Balin Camp, where players encounter Ori’s Records. This invaluable resource contains crucial information about the lost pieces of Durin’s Axe, setting you on the path to reassemble this iconic weapon.

Where and How to Start?

Balin’s Expeditionary Posts

Balin has dispatched a select group of Dwarves, whom he entrusts, to various corners of Moria in a quest to unearth the fragments of Durin’s Axe. In the establishment of each outpost, the Dwarves have placed their individual chests, each housing crucial clues that guide the search for the axe fragments.

Balin's Expeditionary Posts

Ori’s Akhfur Chest – Clue to the First Axe Fragment

Within Ori’s Outpost stationed in the Western Halls, Ori’s Akhfur Chest holds the key to discovering the initial fragment of Durin’s Axe. Navigate this section of Moria by following the clues provided to unravel the mystery.

Ori's Akhfur Chest - Clue to the First Axe Fragment

Loni’s Akhfur Chest – Clue to the Second Axe Fragment

Located in Loni’s Outpost within the Mines of Moria, Loni’s Akhfur Chest safeguards the second clue leading to the location of Durin’s Axe fragment. Delve into the dark tunnels, exploring the Mines of Moria to uncover the hidden secrets within.

Loni's Akhfur Chest - Clue to the Second Axe Fragment

Oin’s Akhfur Chest – Clue to the Third Axe Fragment

Oin’s Akhfur Chest, situated in Oin’s Outpost above the Eastern Stairs in the Eastern Bastion, contains crucial information for locating the third fragment. Repair the stairs to access this outpost and reveal the next piece of the puzzle.

Oin's Akhfur Chest - Clue to the Third Axe Fragment

Balin’s Akhfur Chest – Clue to the Fourth Axe Fragment

Found in Balin’s Outpost near the Chamber of Marzabul in Dwarrowdelf, Balin’s Akhfur Chest serves as your portal to the fourth fragment. Thoroughly explore this area to piece together the legacy of Durin’s Axe.

Floi's Akhfur Chest - Clue to the Fourth Axe Fragment

Frar’s Akhfur Chest – Clue to the Fifth Axe Fragment

Located in Frar’s Outpost in the Desolation of Durin’s Bane in Dwarrowdelf, Frar’s Akhfur Chest bravely guards the final clue. Traverse the desolation to gather the last piece of the legendary Durin’s Axe.

Frar's Akhfur Chest - Clue to the Fifth Axe Fragment

Durin’s Axe Fragment Locations

Moria, a vast underground kingdom with intricate passages and chambers, conceals the shattered remnants of Durin’s Axe. The journey to unearth these fragments is both challenging and rewarding, requiring players to navigate diverse landscapes and confront various foes. Due to the randomized map, fragment locations may vary, adding an extra layer of challenge to your quest. Even without quests, explore each region to find the one piece hidden in Moria’s depths. Explore these distinct regions of Moria to reclaim the Axe fragments:

  • The Western Halls
  • Orctown in Mines of Moria
  • Troll Cave in The Lower Deeps
  • Dwarrowdelf
  • The Desolation of Durin’s Bane Orctown in Dwarrowdelf

Unlocking the Chests

Learn the art of crafting keys to unlock the chests containing the axe fragments. Interact with the chest to reveal the recipe and gather the materials:

Unlocking the Chests
  • Ori’s Key: 2 Iron Ingot
  • Loni’s Key: 2 Bronze Ingot
  • Oin’s Key: 2 Shanor Ingot
  • Balin’s Key: 2 Khazad Steel Ingot
  • Frar’s Key: 2 Khazad Steel Ingot

Fragment Descriptions

The First Axe Fragment

The Westgate fragment of Durin’s Axe is discovered, revealing the ancient handle with worn runes. Despite unclear inscriptions, its power is palpable. Why was it separated, and what role will it play in your quest?

The First Axe Fragment - The Western Halls

The Second Axe Fragment

Recovered from Orctown in the Mines of Moria after defeating Bolgakh, this handle shaft fragment bears the scars of Orcs’ attempts to claw away the Black Diamond. Balin’s Company knew of the fragments, but the purpose remains shrouded. Unravel the mystery as you reclaim this piece.

The Second Axe Fragment - Mines of Moria

The Third Axe Fragment

Found in the Troll Cave in the Lower Deeps, this forged eye fragment at the shaft’s top raises questions about the fate of Balin’s Company. How many parts was the Axe broken into, and what secrets lie in the depths of Moria?

The Third Axe Fragment - The Lower Deeps

The Fourth Axe Fragment

In the Dwarrowdelf, discover a fragment shaped oddly, more like a chisel, forming the head of the Axe. Uncover the significance of this unique shape and the role it plays in the reforging process.

The Fourth Axe Fragment - Dwarrowdelf

The Fifth Axe Fragment

Spawned in the Orc town in the Desolation of Durin’s Bane situated in Dwarrowdelf, this fragment bears ancient runes with decipherable words—Shadow and Victory. Understand the implications of these words as you gather all five fragments for the reforge.

The Fifth Axe Fragment - The Desolation

Crafting Durin’s Axe

Great Forge of Durin

Durin’s Axe can solely be forged at the renowned Great Forge of Durin, lending an additional aura of enigma to this iconic weapon. Situated in Dwarrowdelf, the forge echoes with age-old potency, establishing itself as the sole origin for crafting this formidable axe, though caution is advised as it is susceptible to being seized by the Troll King.

Great Forge of Durin

Required Materials

To forge Durin’s Axe, gather the following materials:

Required Materials

Shadow Cursed Door

While exploring Moria, you’ll encounter the ominous Shadow Cursed Door. Recognizable by its shadowy purple hue, this door poses a formidable challenge. Fear not, for Durin’s Axe holds the power to dispel the curse. Approach the door with determination, strike it with the legendary axe, and witness the gradual illumination that dispels the curse, allowing you to enter Barazinbar.

Shadow Cursed Door

Barazinbar and Narag-Shazon

As the curse lifts, Barazinbar reveals itself as the next area awaiting exploration. But beware, the journey doesn’t end there. Before exiting Moria and concluding the game, players must face Narag-Shazon, the destructive dragon threatening to bring Moria to ruins. Only by defeating this formidable foe can you ensure the safety of this mystical realm.

Baranzibar and Narag-Shazon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Can I assemble Durin’s Axe in any order?
A: Yes, the fragments can be collected in any sequence, allowing flexibility in your exploration.

Q: Can I complete the quest without following the side quests given by Balin’s Expeditionary Posts?
A: While the side quests offer guidance, skilled players can locate the fragments without explicit directions, adding an extra layer of challenge.

Q: Are there any unique challenges or enemies associated with each fragment’s location?
A: Each region presents its own set of challenges, including formidable enemies like Bolgakh and environmental obstacles. Be prepared for diverse encounters.

Q: Can I track my progress in locating the fragments?
A: Yes, the game provides a tracking system, allowing you to monitor your progress in collecting Durin’s Axe fragments.

Q: Are there any rewards or benefits for completing the quest?
A: Successfully reclaiming Durin’s Axe unlocks powerful bonuses and enhancements, enhancing your character’s capabilities.

Q: Are there additional rewards for completing the quest?
A: Completing the quest not only grants Durin’s Axe but also unlocks the Barazinbar Location and other bonus rewards.

Q: How many fragments does Durin’s Axe have?
Durin’s Axe has five fragments scattered throughout Moria.

Embark on the epic journey to reclaim Durin’s Axe in LOTR Return to Moria with confidence. Armed with the comprehensive guide and expert tips, navigate the challenges, uncover the history, and emerge victorious in restoring this legendary Dwarven weapon to its former glory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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