Shanor Hammer Location – Pilgrim Library

Welcome, adventurers, to the depths of Khazad dûm! As you embark on your quest through “The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria” be prepared to face challenges. One such challenge lies in the form of the Shanor Hammer patiently awaiting those who possess the audacity to venture deeper into the Mines of Moria. This comprehensive guide will shed light on how to obtain this artifact, leading you through perilous passages, while unraveling the secrets and strategies necessary to wield the power of the Shanor Hammer, and triumph over the lurking darkness beneath these mountains. Brace yourselves for this journey is rife with peril. Its rewards are truly legendary.

Pilgrim Library

As you delve further into the depths, you’ll encounter two statues of dwarfs standing guard at the entrance of a wall covered in dirt and rubble. This place holds importance as it houses the Pilgrim Library within Return to Moria — a treasure trove of knowledge and history. Once you navigate past the obstruction take a turn, and before long you’ll spot another tunnel entrance on your left.

Pilgrim Library

As you follow this new passageway, continuing straight, you’ll eventually reach the heart of the Pilgrim Library. To access its treasures, enter another passage filled with dirt, descend further, and you’ll be greeted by the sight of a grand obelisk that serves as the focal point of the library. This obelisk is known as the Kibil~nala Library, a place where ancient tomes and valuable information are carefully preserved and protected for those who seek to explore the depths of Moria’s history and culture.

Library of Kibil nala

How to Get Shanor Hammer

As you reach the Pilgrim Library, you’ll be captivated by the grandeur of the Library of Kibil~nala, an obelisk-like structure that beckons you with its enchanting aura. To unlock its mysteries, gather your friends, and engage in a special singing ritual, letting the harmony of your voices elevate the experience to new heights.

Shanor Hammer

As your voices resonate in front of the Library of Kibil~nala, it will respond by illuminating with an otherworldly glow. This radiant display marks the moment when you’ll be presented with the coveted recipe for the Shanor Hammer, a powerful artifact.

Singin in front of Library Kibil nala

However, be prepared for an ominous warning that a Horde is on its way shortly after obtaining the Shanor Hammer recipe. To face this impending threat, having your friends by your side becomes even more crucial, as the library’s depths are teeming with adversaries. The collaborative strength of your companions will prove invaluable in your efforts to navigate the library and safely escape the impending onslaught, ensuring the preservation of your newly acquired knowledge and the protection of your party.


Why can’t I find the entrance to Pilgrim Library?

Some players have encountered a puzzling issue, struggling to locate the entrance to the Pilgrim Library, but fret not. You should be looking for the Library just after you defeat the Watcher in the Water, its located in that area. To tackle this challenge, the remedy is to revisit the quest area persistently, strike up conversations with fellow adventurers, and embark on a thorough exploration of your surroundings, taking your time to navigate the rooms. Inevitably, your determination will lead you to the elusive Pilgrim Library in LOTR Return to Moria.


The Shanor Hammer, in Lord of the Rings; Return to Moria offers an epic adventure, where players are tasked with embarking on a quest to uncover the Pilgrim Library. In order to unleash its power a special ritual must be performed within the Library of Kibil~nala while also preparing to defend against an approaching Horde. This incredible journey emphasizes the importance of teamwork the exhilaration of exploration and the unwavering determination of each player ultimately establishing the Shanor Hammer as a symbol of triumph, within the realm of Middle earth. If you found this article helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for LOTR Return To Moria on our homepage!


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