Where to Get Black Diamonds in LOTR Return to Moria

We hope that The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria will help you in your quest for the elusive Black Diamonds! In this amazing trip, your objective will take you deep into the heart of Moria, a hazardous and enigmatic place. We can help you locate the uncommon mineral known as the Black Diamond. Draw your sword, light your lantern, and join me as we go on this thrilling adventure! We have all the knowledge you need to find black diamonds in LOTR Return To Moria, regardless of your level of expertise in exploring Middle-earth.

Black Diamond when dropped

What is a Black Diamond?

Black Diamond holds value as a resource in the game. They serve a purpose in crafting Map Stones, which play a role as Fast Travel points within the game. Once you acquire or construct a Map Stone, interacting with it enables you to teleport to any location in the game. This feature elevates the gameplay, from its style system to a more immersive and satisfying experience.

Black Diamonds

Where to Find Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are extremely valuable to orcs, who view them as priceless gems. There is an Orc town in practically every area in the game, but because it is randomly created, each player’s placement will be different. Smaller Orc camps are also possible; they are usually populated by two to three Orcs and are simpler to eradicate. You must find Orcs in these towns or camps and look for chests, which require Orc Keys to open, to get Black Diamonds.

Orc Statue

Every chest is guaranteed to contain at least one Black Diamond in addition to other gemstones. We suggest holding onto these Black Diamonds until you have a pressing need for them, as they are limited in quantity. At a certain stage, you’ll reach a point where a minimum of 15 Black Diamonds is required to construct a staircase to access the next area. If you find yourself short of these resources, you’ll need to explore alternative methods to obtain the necessary amount. Below are several techniques that can help  you in obtaining additional Black Diamonds:

  • Looting Orkish Chests
  • Drops from Orcs
  • Drops from Goblins
  • Drops from Bosses like Bolgakh

Black Diamond Hotspot

Since Black Diamonds are extremely valuable materials in the game, some players may find them to be rather difficult to find. Deep in the mines is one of the best places to get this mineral; the Warren of the Deep Orcs is one such place where you may find enough Black diamonds for your whole party. It can be difficult to find this deposit since you have to go via a little tunnel to reach the Orcs’ camp and take their Black Diamonds. Make sure you are well-prepared, for there will be many enemies willing to protect their valuable Black Diamonds from those who are brave enough to pursue them.


In conclusion, The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria calls for a combination of strategy and exploration to get Black Diamond. These priceless jewels may be found in deep mines such as the Warren of the Deep Orcs and other Orc camps. Black diamonds must be preserved for essential uses, such as constructing stairwells.

Black Diamond awards can also be obtained by drawing the attention of evil forces and inciting Horde Attacks. Players may increase their chances of finding Black Diamonds and have a more satisfying gaming experience in Moria by putting these tactics into practice. Please let us know in the discord channel of our community if you found this post useful. Visit our homepage to view further LOTR Return To Moria instructions!


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