Return to Moria: Where to find Mithril Ore

Discover Where to find Mithril Ore

Finding Mithril Ore is crucial to advancing in Lord of the Rings Return to Moria. It is needed to craft legendary equipment. We will show you the best resource location for Mithril Ore.

Discover Where to find Mithril Ore

Where to Find Mithril Ore

First, you must locate the Great Mithril Forge in Baranzibar. The forge will provide you with a clear understanding of how much Mithril Ore you need.

Where to Find Mithril Ore

After you’ve found the Great Mithril Forge, you’ll need to go on further and explore the new areas. Look for a room that has a dark mine shaft. This usually has a Fell beast protecting it too.

Mithril Mine Shaft awaits

You will need to fight a strong fell beast monster before entering the mithril mine shaft. So bring resources such as medical supplies and food.

Fell Beast

After you defeat the Fell beast, you will then need to make your way down into the Mine Shaft. The next problem you will face is the darkness, so you MUST bring a reliable light source, as you will slowly take damage over time in this part of the map.

Darkness in Mithril Mine Shaft

Finding Mithril Ore in LOTR: Return To Moria

Once you’ve successfully reached the Mithril Mine Shaft, the rewards are worth the risks. Here, you’ll find Mithril Ore nodes scattered generously throughout the area. They are plentiful, and you’ll have no trouble spotting them.

Finding Mithril Ore in LOTR: Return To Moria

Once you are inside the Dark Mine Shaft, you are looking for a white / light blue looking ore. This is Mithril Ore. We have attached an image below as a reference. Look for these and mine them. Also, look out for any enemies down in the mines too, that could appear.

Mithril Ore nodes

Now that you know where to find Mithril Ore, you’re one step closer to creating the Shaz’akhnaman Spear to defeat Narag-Shazon the Dragon and becoming a legendary craftsman in LOTR: Return To Moria.

The Shaz’akhnaman Spear
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