Return to Moria: Where to find Scales

Greetings, fellow adventurer! Embark with us on a journey to Middle Earth to figure out Where to find Scales in LOTR Return to Moria! Scales can be used to craft various end game recipes and equipment.


Where to find Scales

A handful of scales from reptilian and draconic creatures (Drakes and Fell beasts)


Drakes are fast moving reptilians that are weak to slash but packing quiet the punch. Make sure to bring enough gear and supplies with you into the dark depths before confronting the drakes deep down in Dwarrordelf.

Fell Beast

Fell Beasts are a great source of scales and fine leather, although far more dangerous then your average drake. Come prepared and expect a fight when going to face the fell beasts down in Barazinbar. to answer the question where to find.

Where To Find Scales

Scales can be found slaying fell beasts and drakes in and around Dwarrordelf and Barazinbar, these beasts drop both scales and fine leather. Both of these beasts are weak to slash and deal piercing damage, make sure to have proper armor, food and weapons with you if you intend to face these creatures.

Where to find Scales

Where to use Scales

Scales are useful for the following recipes:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I find Scales anywhere in Middle-earth?
Sadly you can only find Scales killing drakes and fell beasts.

Where to find Scales
Where to find scales? Scales can be found in the deeper parts of Moria, specifically lower then Dwarrowdelf. Drakes and fell beasts can only be found deep down.

What do I need Scales for
Scales are an important crafting resource for recipes like the Shaz’akhnaman

Gathering a lot of scales is your first step to crafting good armor and weapons. By knowing where to find it and how to fight the mobs that drop it you are set to gather an infinite amount.

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