Where to find Sun-stone in LOTR: Return to Moria

As you continue your journey in Return to Moria, you will eventually need Sun stones to progress further in the game. This guide will help you locate Sun stones as well as show you what all they can be used for in Return to Moria.

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What is a Sun-stone?

A Sun-stone is a rare ore that emits light and heat. It resembles a rectangular mineral with warm shades of yellow and orange, giving it a translucent appearance. Dwarves keep tight-lipped about it and its uses outside the mountains, but it is known to play a crucial role in crafting materials, such as Durin’s Axe, necessary for progressing in the story.


Preparations to Find Sun-stone

First and foremost, ensure that you have a sufficiently powerful pickaxe for mining in the game. To mine Sun-stone, you should have a Tier 4 Pickaxe at a minimum. Furthermore, finding Sun-stones will not be a straightforward task. On your journey, you will encounter various perilous monsters, so make sure to equip weapons, light sources, healing ales, and other items that will aid your survival throughout this adventure.

Where to Find Sun-Stone?

  • Sun-stone can be obtained as a random drop by defeating the Troll King.
  • It can also be found in the lower levels of Barazinbar and The Darkest Deeps.

Troll Kings are scattered throughout Moria. Upon defeating them, you may receive Sun-stone as a random drop. However, this method is not entirely reliable, as the chance of acquiring Sun-stones is not always 100%.

Alternatively, you can explore the lower levels of Barazinbar and The Darkest Deeps to hunt for Sun-stones. In this guide, we will specifically focus on finding Sun-stones around Barazinbar.

Where to Find Sun-Stone in Barazinbar?

In Barazinbar, head to the Great Mithril Forge to begin your Sun-stone quest. Explore and search for deep crevices that will lead you deeper into the earth, ultimately bringing you to the Mithril Mine Shaft, where most of the game’s ores can be found. Yet again, be prepared to face formidable enemies along the way.

Upon reaching the Mithril Mine Shaft, you’ll notice that Sun-stones are scattered throughout the area but since they are rare they are not as abundant as other regular ores.

Sun-stones are typically embedded in the rock walls of the mines. Inspect the walls for a blend of yellow and green ore veins, and they may exhibit a reddish tint since Sun-stones are typically found alongside Adamant. You can also refer to the image below to help you locate the Sun-stones.

There will also be markers at certain distances that indicate the Sun-stones’ locations from a distance. Use these markers as a guide to navigate the area.

Once you have located a Sun-stone, equip your pickaxe and left-click to mine, holding the button until you have gathered all the Sun-stones from the walls.

Important Points

  • Ensure that you have at least a Tier 4 pickaxe for mining Sun-stones.
  • Enhance your preparedness by equipping weapons, light sources, and healing ales to assist you on your journey.
  • Find Sun-stones in the lower levels of Barazinbar and The Darkest Deeps, or obtain them as a random drop from defeating the Troll King.
    • In Barazinbar, navigate to the Great Mithril Forge and Mithril Mine Shaft to find Sun-stones.

Note: The specific locations of the Sun-stone will vary in your world, as the game generates them randomly per player.

This covers everything you need to know about finding Sun-stone in LOTR: Return to Moria. With these precious ores in your inventory, you are one step closer to crafting Durin’s Axe and uncovering the enigmatic secrets of the dwarves and their world.

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