The Crystal Descent Guide – LOTR Return to Moria

The Crystal Descent in Return to Moria is an important moment in the game as it takes you from the upper mines into the Lower Deeps. The Lower Deeps is where you will encounter harder enemies and a new variety of mobs and resources. We will show you everything you need in order to get the lift to work and take you down.

The Crystal Descent

This magical place lies between the cave and the lower deep, a critical point in your LOTR journey. Your path to the Crystal Descent begins with cave exploration.

Build the Mapstone First

As you prepare for your descent, prioritize building the mapstone. Doing this will make traveling from base to the Crystal Descent much easier. To rebuild the Mapstone will require 20 stone.

Crysyal Descent

The Mine Hoist

Requirements for rebuilding the Mine hoist

  1. Black Diamond (x15)
  2. Elven Wood (x20)
  3. Natural Fiber (x30)

Now that you have built the Mapstone and gathered the above resources it is time to build the Mine Hoist. This hoist will lower you into the Lower Deeps where you will continue your journey through Moria.

Crystal Descent

Safety First

As you descend in the mine hoist, you’ll realize that your destination is still far below. You will need to look for a path to build rope ladders and platforms to jump onto until you reach the bottom safely. Plan your route carefully to avoid falling to your death.

Rebuilding the Ruined Mapstone

Upon reaching the bottom, you’ll encounter a ruined mapstone once again. Don’t fret; this is a part of the adventure. Rebuild the mapstone, and you’ll unlock the ability to travel from Crystal Descent to the Lower Deep with ease.


Is it possible to explore the Crystal Descent solo?

Yes, it’s possible, but having a group of adventurers can enhance your safety and enjoyment.

What happens if I run out of resources?

Running out of essential resources can be challenging. Always stock up before embarking on your journey.

Can I return to the surface from the Lower Deep?

No, once you’ve descended to the Lower Deep, you won’t be able to return to the surface until you rebuild the mapstone.

Are there any hidden treasures in the Crystal Descent?

The depths of Middle-earth hold many secrets and treasures. Keep your eyes open, and you might stumble upon something valuable.

How do I deal with unexpected challenges during the descent?

Stay calm and assess the situation. Your gear and resources will be your best allies in overcoming challenges.

Is the Crystal Descent Guide relevant for all LOTR players?

While the Crystal Descent is a crucial point in the game, this guide is primarily for those looking for an in-depth understanding of this particular aspect of LOTR: Return to Moria.

Well done on rebuilding the Mine Hoist and descending into the Lower Deeps. With the Crystal Descent behind you the Lower Deeps waits for you to explore it.

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