Complete Guide On Where To Get Ironwood In LOTR: Return To Moria

Where to get Ironwood, you ask? Are you looking to farm without having to get lost on your way? This is your lucky day! With our complete guide on where to find Ironwood, we’ll get you on your way to being rich in resources! What’re we waiting for? Let’s dive into where to get Ironwood in Return to Moria.

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Where To Get Ironwood: Where To Start

There is really no easy way to find and get Ironwood. However, with our guide, your journeys will be shorter and lighter along the way. There are two ways to find and farm Ironwood in Return to Moria.

Bust Down Old Furniture

In Return to Moria, one way to get Ironwood is by destroying old furniture found in areas after rebuilding the broken mine hoist. Just lash out on the old pieces of carpentry and get a chance to get Ironwood. This way, you won’t really need to find trees to cut down and hope it drops Ironwood. You would only have to find locations that have a bunch of old furniture lying around and smash them. This way, you not only get Ironwood out of it but you also get to release some frustrations.

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Aside from furniture, finding old weapons and barrels around the map is also a way to collect Ironwood. By destroying them the same way as the old furniture, literally just destroying them, you’ll notice that some Wood scraps along with Ironwood will drop.

Visit Specific Areas

Another way to find Ironwood is by visiting specific areas in Return to Moria. In the game, there are two main locations that you can find and farm Ironwood, Dwarrowdelf for the furniture and The Lower Deep for Ubassasm wood trees! Here, you can find and cut trees to gain Ironwood drops. However, to farm Ironwood, you would need to enchant your tool with the Yarog-Luthul rune. This rune upgrade increases the chance of Ironwood drops when striking trees. This will cost 3 Emeralds.

The Lower Deep (The Lower Deep 2)


Where Can I Use Ironwood?

In Return to Moria, finding out where to find Ironwood is one thing. Once you’ve gotten your fill of the resource, you’d have a lot of items to use them on. Crafting weapons, platforms, and more. An example of where you can use Ironwood would be to craft the Adamant Hammer used to rebuild the Khazad-Dum bridge.

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