Using Durin’s Axe to Dispel the Cursed Doors

Gree­tings, courageous explorers, to the enchanted lands of Middle-e­arth and the risky tunnels of Moria Mines. In Re­turn to Moria, part of the LOTR series, you’ll be on a mission to discover Durin’s Axe, a lege­ndary object, and secrets subme­rged in the subsurface kingdom. One captivating task you’ll face is breaking the spe­ll of Cursed Doors that protect treasure­s lost in time and baffling enigmas.

Shadow Cursed Doors

Embark on an adventure with us as we uncover the mysteries behind Durin’s Axe, a powerful instrument necessary to vanquish the spells obscuring Moria’s enigmatic entrances. Getting your hands on this fabled weapon will allow you to journey into a world outside these lines that is full of fascinating experiences, riches, and knowledge. As we explore the nuances of using Durin’s Axe to dispel the Cursed Doors of Moria, be ready to hone your abilities and go on an amazing adventure. Thus, equip oneself and bravely and fearlessly go into the unknown!

Durin’s Axe History

For the Dwarves of Durin’s Folk, Durin’s Axe was a priceless artifact with immense historical significance. Legend had it that Durin I, the great dwarven forefather of the Longbeard clan, had once had this renowned blade. The axe was a valued relic in the old halls of Khazad-dûm even after its abandonment in 1981 of the Third Age (TA).

Durin's Axe in Backpack

Fast forward to TA 2989, when it was rediscovered during Balin’s expedition into Khazad-dûm. Unfortunately, this valuable artifact was lost once more in TA 2994, coinciding with the demise of the Dwarf colony. The details of Balin’s journey, including the recovery of the axe, were meticulously recorded in the Book of Mazarbul before the colony’s tragic downfall. Balin laid claim to the axe as his own during this eventful chapter in its history.

How to Obtain Durin’s Axe

For many people, obtaining Durin’s Axe might be a difficult undertaking. Nevertheless, considering the axe’s amazing strength and the captivating tale that goes along with it, the time investment was probably well worth it. Players have to search Moria for stray tool bits to find Durin’s Axe. We’ll reveal where these pieces could be found in Return to Moria below.

  • 1st Fragment – Located in Westgate, on the second floor of the building with two stairs.
  • 2nd Fragment – Located in the Second Hall, there is a hidden door which is where the second fragment is located.
  • 3rd Fragment – Located in The Bridge of Khazad-dûm, under the broken debris.
  • 4th Fragment – Located in the Chamber of Mazarbul, you’ll find a chest guarded by a mighty troll.
  • 5th Fragment – Located in The Endless Stair, you’ll need to climb up the spiral stairs to find the last fragment.
durin's axe

Upon completion of the fragment collection, you will need to proceed to the Great Forge of Durin to forge Durin’s axe. The following supplies are required to manufacture the fabled Durin Axe:

Using Durin’s Axe to Dispel the Cursed Doors

As you venture into Moria, you’ll probably see a large door that has a shadowy purple tint to it, signifying that it is cursed. In Return to Moria, this door is referred to as the Shadow Cursed Door. You can rely on the fabled Durin’s Axe to go past it. Strike out toward the cursed door, bearing down with Durin’s Axe. When you hit the door, you’ll see it begin to light up as the curse that surrounds it is lifted.

Using Durin's Axe to Dispel the Cursed Doors


One unique aspect of the game is using Durin’s Axe to Dispel the Cursed Doors. To completely remove the curses on these doors, players will need to go off on a mission to get the fabled Durin’s Axe. Your voyage through Moria becomes even more captivating and satisfying with the addition of this special gameplay feature, which gives the adventure additional depth and excitement. Please let us know in the discord channel of our community if you found this post useful. Visit our site to view further tutorials for LOTR Return To Moria!


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