Using Durin’s Axe to Dispel the Cursed Doors

Gree­tings, courageous explorers, to the enchanted lands of Middle-e­arth and the risky tunnels of Moria Mines. In Re­turn to Moria, part of the LOTR series, you’ll be on a mission to discover Durin’s Axe, a lege­ndary object, and secrets subme­rged in the subsurface kingdom. One captivating task you’ll face is breaking the spe­ll of Cursed Doors that protect treasure­s lost in time and baffling enigmas.

Shadow Cursed Doors

In this guide, we will delve into the art of using Durin’s Axe, a powerful tool that holds the key to unraveling the enchantments that shroud these doors. By mastering this legendary weapon, you’ll gain access to riches, lore, and adventures that await beyond the barriers. So, sharpen your blade and prepare to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure as we explore the intricacies of using Durin’s Axe to dispel the Cursed Doors of Moria.

Durin’s Axe History

Durin’s Axe was a treasured relic for the Dwarves of Durin’s Folk, holding great significance in their history. This legendary weapon had once belonged to Durin I, the esteemed forefather of the Longbeard dwarves. Even after the abandonment of Khazad-dûm in 1981 of the Third Age (TA), the axe remained a revered artifact within the ancient halls.

Durin's Axe in Backpack

Fast forward to TA 2989, when it was rediscovered during Balin’s expedition into Khazad-dûm. Unfortunately, this valuable artifact was lost once more in TA 2994, coinciding with the demise of the Dwarf colony. The details of Balin’s journey, including the recovery of the axe, were meticulously recorded in the Book of Mazarbul before the colony’s tragic downfall. Balin laid claim to the axe as his own during this eventful chapter in its history.

How to Obtain Durin’s Axe

Acquiring Durin’s Axe can prove to be a challenging task for many. Yet, the investment of time is likely well-rewarded, given the axe’s formidable power and the intriguing story that accompanies it. To obtain Durin’s Axe, players must embark on a quest to locate scattered tool fragments across Moria. Below, we’ll uncover the potential locations of these fragments in Return to Moria.

  • 1st Fragment – Located in Westgate, on the second floor of the building with two stairs.
  • 2nd Fragment – Located in the Second Hall, there is a hidden door which is where the second fragment is located.
  • 3rd Fragment – Located in The Bridge of Khazad-dûm, under the broken debris.
  • 4th Fragment – Located in the Chamber of Mazarbul, you’ll find a chest guarded by a mighty troll.
  • 5th Fragment – Located in The Endless Stair, you’ll need to climb up the spiral stairs to find the last fragment.
durin's axe

Once you have successfully collected all the fragments, your next step will be to forge Durin’s axe at the Great Forge of Durin. Below are the materials you need to forge the legendary Durin Axe:

Using Durin’s Axe to Dispel the Cursed Doors

While exploring the world of Moria, you’ll likely come across a massive door with a shadow purple hue, indicating its cursed nature. This door is known as the Shadow Cursed Door in Return to Moria. To pass through it, you can rely on the legendary Durin’s Axe. Approach the cursed door and wield Durin’s Axe with determination. As you strike the door, you’ll observe it gradually illuminating, dispelling the curse that envelops it.

Using Durin's Axe to Dispel the Cursed Doors


The application of Durin’s Axe to Dispel the Cursed Doors is a distinctive feature of the game. To accomplish this, players must embark on a quest to collect the legendary Durin’s Axe, which serves as the key to entirely dispelling the curses on these doors. This unique gameplay element adds depth and excitement to the adventure, making your journey through Moria even more intriguing and rewarding. If you found this article helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for LOTR Return To Moria on our homepage!


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