Crafting and Gathering in Pax Dei

Pax Dei want to offer compelling gameplay on every part of the game and crafting is a major part of the game and economy so there will be plenty of things to discover, tinker and create. You absolutely can make it your main thing. Abandoned structures without plots are free for all.

Crafting and Gathering in Pax Dei

Some item crafting is action/skill based while other crafting is time/process based and in real world time. Skills and facilities can affect and modify all of the related variables such as time, success rate and variable outcome.


Gathering in the game is similar to what you see in most survival games. Infact it bears quite a resemblance to New World’s gathering mechanics.

Image below showing Norix cutting down a HUGE tree.

armor in Pax Dei


Food will play a major part in your Pax Dei adventure. We don’t have too much detail on the food and drink in Pax yet but it will be something you need to pay attention to regularly.

  • Food & Drink will be made and traded by players.
  • Potatoes are in the game.
Crafting and Gathering in Pax Dei


Everything is Player made and everything will need to be repaired by players. There is an option to retire old gear or salvage items you do not need anymore.

“There is no “best gear” that is the most effective in all activities in the game. There’s no plate armor set that allows you to be a master alchemist. Also in combat it’s not as simple as getting the highest tier gear and being able to beat every encounter as effective. You need to know what’s your best option for different encounters and playstyles and even mid or lower tier items have their use and the value loss is more easily manageable on them depending on what you’re doing. No point in causing wear and tear on you highest tier PvE dungeon gear when hunting boars.”


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